901 Stoney Hill Road, Kuppel Louise M., Dekluyver Dirk L., Kuppel Earl W. to Lai Shannon, Lai Daniel; 11/10/2012. $245,000

410 Fourth Ave., Redding Homes LLC, Redding Mark to Cox James T.; 11/10/2012. $69,000

3 Colonial Court, Champ Associates LLC, Capece C. Frank to Agrawal Pradip; 11/13/2012. $63,900

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4 Colonial Court, Capece Theresa M. to Agrawal Pradip; 11/13/2012. $63,900

302 E. Arbutus Ave., Christian Wanda M., Christian John N. to Christian Susan A.; 11/13/2012. $160,000

533 Fourth Ave., Ade William L., Ade Laura C. to Kirby Joshua; 11/14/2012. $180,000

149 Southampton Drive, Roman John G., Roman Kathleen B. to Forde Kathryn; 11/14/2012. $165,000

46 Derby Drive, Kooperman Marc Harris, Kooperman Marc H., Kooperman George J., Kooperman Ruth to Schlossberg William, Willet Roberta; 11/14/2012. $230,000

618 Fourth Ave., Sheridan Thomas J., Sheridan Rebecca to Bengis Diana; 11/15/2012. $225,000

52 Iroquois Drive, Pilot Properties Inc to Weeks Kevin, Weeks Alicia; 11/15/2012. $67,500

53 N. Pembrooke Way, Cardamone Philip F., Cardamone Annetta M. to Lane Gloria, Lane Curtis; 11/15/2012. $244,000

62 Apache Court, Tousignant Joseph P., Tousignant Judith M. to Radovanovic Davorin, Radovanovic Mirela; 11/15/2012. $72,500

170 Mattix Run, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lee Chichuen, Lee Ho Esther P.; 11/16/2012. $65,000

45 Navajo Court, Sheetz Ryan to Williams Arthur W.; 11/16/2012. $62,000

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