10 Greenwich Drive, Khullar Rajan, Khullar Sherry to Parikh Bhadrabala, Parikh Lalitkumar; 11/17/2012. $85,000

300 Vine Ave., Catrino Charles, Efantis Marion, Cicalese Joseph to Donohoe John; 11/17/2012. $48,000

691 St. Andrews Drive, Sungenis Albert, Sungenis Marie to Bonmer Joseph M, Bonmer Sally A; 11/19/2012. $219,000

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125 Southampton Drive, Zambelli Beverly, Kaiser Beverly to Berman Gary, Berman Ilene; 11/19/2012. $168,000

679 Chancery Lane, Spartan 8 LLC, McManus William P, McManus Frances K to Bernicker Lupe; 11/19/2012. $153,000

191 Colonial Court, Pilot Properties Inc. to Tollja Nazif; 11/20/2012. $69,250

29 McKinley Ave., Boddy Daniel, Boddy Michele to Keno Terry, Gaxhi Lulieta; 11/20/2012. $40,000

200 Buchanan Ave., McLaughlin Robert S to Steven Schlitzer General Contractor Inc.; 11/21/2012. $70,000

200 Buchanan Ave., Steven W Schlitzer General Contractor Inc. to Kamdar Dhairya R; 11/21/2012. $225,000

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