1300 W. Aloe St., Schucker Bejamin to Heffley Kyle; 6/4/2012. $145,000

790 Fishers Creek Road, Longo Lorainne and Longo Peter to Cusumano Timothy; 6/4/2012. $85,000

507 S. English Creek Road, Rosso Serena and Rosso Vincent to Himes Kimberly and Himes Maureen; 6/5/2012. $126,000

Latest Video

216 Spring Mill Drive, Colangelo Lisa and Colangelo Thomas to Pryor Justin and Pryor Natalie; 6/5/2012. $227,900

421 S. Zenia Ave., Nivar Ricardo and Nivar Sissi to Battistelli Katelyn and Battistelli Phillip; 6/6/2012. $155,000

411 Poplar Ave., Johnson Paul and Voravorngdy Khanthaly to Disalvatore Anthony; 6/6/2012. $240,000

111 Club Place, Hill Rosalinde to Morales Nelson Jr; 6/7/2012. $122,500

477 Holly Ave., Boddy Daniel and Boddy Michele to Hain John Walter Jr and Hain Julie Anna; 6/8/2012. $124,000

400 Kingston Court, Schmidt David and Schmidt Laura to Boeddeker Ingrid and Boeddeker Theodor; 6/8/2012. $267,500

154 Driftwood Court, Nylund Carol to Pasquay Kevin and Pasquay Margaret; 6/8/2012. $63,000

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