121 St. George’s Drive, Karle, George W., Karl, Carol A., Karle, Peter to West, Janice M., West, Walter A.; 6/3/2013. $229,000

546 Newport Court, Girodano, Joseph, Giordano, Martha to Gaeckle, Teresa D.; 6/4/2013. $155,000

459 Poplar Ave., AC Inlet Prop LLC, Valenti, Carol to Donohoe, John; 6/5/2013. $43,000

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734 Whalers Cove Court, Mintz, Robert S., Mintz, Dawn E. to Librizzi, Carla M.; 6/5/2013. $225,000

Vacant lots on Ebony Tree, Chestnut, Genista, Fir, Damson and Beech avenues, All Star Builders Inc. of AC to McLaughlin, Robert S.; 6/6/2013. $14,000

544 S. Buffalo Ave., Michel, Ferdinand J. to Colon, Tabytha; 6/7/2013. $110,000

51 Cheshire Drive, Breslin, Lloyd, Breslin, Debra, Breslin, Deborah to Collinson, Richard J., Collinson, Beth A.; 6/7/2013. $74,400

858 Fishers Creek Road, Nicholes, Christopher, Siano, Erica to Riotta, Pablo, Riotta, Gaetana; 6/7/2013. $65,000

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