262 Mattix Run, Ferguson Glenn and Ferguson John to Maglione Nicholas and Maglione Pamela; 6/11/2012. $92,500

410 Vine Ave., Maglione Nicholas Jr and Maglione Pamela to Lin Yuming and Ruan Zhuangyu; 6/11/2012. $210,000

722 Osprey Court, Barry Young Hui and Dwyer James to Brown Eldean; 6/11/2012. $155,000

Latest Video

232 E. Ridgewood Ave., Facciolla Barbara,-Exrx and Siciliano Debra,/Exrx to Carrelli Keith and Imam Melissa Ann; 6/11/2012. $214,000

712 Moonraker Court, Badger Marsha Sue and Magee Ernest to Lamonaca Jennifer and Lamonaca Ryan; 6/12/2012. $205,000

705 Lindbergh Ave., Pirrotti James to Bonthron Mary; 6/13/2012. $150,000

298 Spruce Ave., Bakken Carrie and Ovalles Wesley to Graves Harry and Graves Linda; 6/14/2012. $155,000

16 Federal Court, US Bank to Borja Brenda; 6/14/2012. $47,699

433 Tulip Ave., Beaufort William and Cedeno Liza to Patel Dipak and Patel Dipti; 6/15/2012. $103,000

28 Garfield Ave., Jazwinski Amanda and Jazwinski Kamil to Comeaux Duane; 6/15/2012. $265,000

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