78 Cherokee Drive, Ye Bi Xia, Lin Wei J to Thomas Angola Carmelita; 9/4/2012. $138,000

504 Forestbrook Drive, Hahn Paul to Cowden John, Cowden Carol; 9/4/2012. $280,000

537 Brook Lane, Johnson Howard S, Johnson Amy Lynn, Croll Amy Lynn to Torreblanco Marcello, Torreblanco Deborah; 9/4/2012. $248,000

Latest Video

555 S. Seaview Ave., Weeks David T, Weeks James H, Weeks Barbara K to Zechman Martha; 9/5/2012. $156,000

510 Robin Lane, Logatchev Mikhail, Logatcheva Svetlana to Ackerman Thomas; 9/5/2012. $192,500

652 St. Andrews Drive, Robalino Joffre, Robalino Betty J to Vogel Susan L; 9/5/2012. $331,000

4 Pembrooke Way, Maschio Robert E, Maschio Jane, Storr Melissa to Geffard Maria V; 9/6/2012. $124,703

8 Pembrooke Way, Moyer James W, Moyer Kathleen A to Higgins James; 9/6/2012. $178,000

29 Liberty Court, Fernandes Steve to Glenn Paul F, Glenn Joanne M; 9/6/2012. $52,500

126 Mattix Run, Kondaur Capital Corp to Ruddy Thomas A; 9/6/2012. $57,000


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