16 Mockingbird Way, Santiago Lopez, Guido, Santiago, Silma to Porch, Edith; 7/1/2013. $170,000

514 Holly Brook Road, Gaughan, Garry, Gaughan, Rosalie Petrunis to Ohare, Michelle, Ohare, Michael T.; 7/1/2013. $223,000

27 Crowndale Place, Beatty, Lydia E. to Bryson, Catherine, Bryson, Boyd G.; 7/1/2013. $330,000

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520 Cornwall Drive, Murphy, Barbara A., Murphy, George W. to Tillett, Alicia A., Staats, Jeremy D.; 7/2/2013. $212,000

40 Northampton Road, Feiertag, Sheila, Feder, Saul to Dwan, Regina, Dwan, Arthur P.; 7/2/2013. $287,500

410 S. Fourth Ave., Cox, James T. to Mathis, Kevin; 7/2/2013. $325,000

82 Cheshire Drive, Shu, Bai, Shu, Soe to Tan, Zhi Ping; 7/2/2013. $73,800

604 S. New York Ave., Conover, Raymond Leslie, Conover, Wilma Ann to Sweet, Charles B.; 7/3/2013. $125,000

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