15 Northampton Road, Bruskin Carol R., Bruskin Lester J. to Zakhary Robert, Triola Christopher; 3/18/2013. $230,000

14 Cortland Ave., Avallone Christy, Buck Christy to Smith Timothy, Goerlach Kimberly; 3/18/2013. $150,800

143 Rumson Drive, Ban Donald V, Ban Barbara A to Iglesias Angelina; 3/19/2013. $82,000

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420a S. Xanthus Ave., Farrell Margarita to Matus Karina; 3/19/2013. $169,000

49 Iroquois Drive, Bastianelli Andrea M., Vreeland Josh to House Irina; 3/21/2013. $60,000

724 Whalers Cove Court, Levy David, Levy Lucille to Romero Luis, Lizura Romero Elizabeth, Romero Elizabeth Lizura; 3/21/2013. $182,000

147 N. Cologne Ave., Sabo Scott, Sabo Joann to Daddario Heather; 3/21/2013. $245,000

714 Somers Landing Road, Gifford William to Cascais Adam; 3/21/2013. $250,000

107 Waterview Drive, Whitecraft Morgan Noel Kownacki, Kownacki Whitecraft Morgan Noel to Hewitt Carol M.; 3/22/2013. $60,000

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