185 Meadow Ridge Road, Genstad Property Mgmt Ii Llc, Decastro Daniel J, Decastro Heather to Downey Joline; 6/10/2013. $55,000

305 307 Vine Ave., Losco Llc, Losco Christopher A to Tirotti William; 6/11/2013. $155,000

254 E. White Horse Pike, Yogibapa Inc to Mps Hospitality Llc; 6/11/2013. $600,000

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93 W. White Horse Pike, Ninety Three 105 White Horse Pike Llc, Nine Three 105 White Horse Pike Llc, 93 105 White Horse Pike Llc to Galloway Car Wash Llc; 6/13/2013. $300,000

619 Shiller St., Ade Sarah L, Ade William L, Ade John C to Ade William L, Ade William L, Ade Laura; 6/14/2013. $160,000

310 M Attix Run, Turturo Joseph J, Turturo Camille Y to Sutaria Hemang A, Sutaria Bhumika H; 6/14/2013. $105,000

306-A Yam Ave., Trans Global Land Co Llc, Hammerschlag Lennard R to Patel Gajendra, Patel Nitaben; 6/14/2013. $220,000

127 Colonial Court, Lubeck William, Lubeck Margaret J to Seddon Jeffrey M; 6/14/2013. $60,000

725 Ravenwood Drive, Snyder Jessica to Fulmer Kristen M; 6/14/2013. $171,000

134 S. New York Road, Dubois Frederick Bryon, Webb Lee G, Newman Albert J to Kolos Stephen Francis, Kolos Robyn Yvonne; 6/15/2013. $217,000

422 Scarborough Court, Powers Harry G, Powers Harry G, Powers Pricilla, Lairdieson Dorothy to Bruce Maier Edna M, Maier Edna M Bruce; 6/15/2013. $227,500

126 Colonial Court, Bruce Barbara to Labrosciano Anthony, Labrosciano Barbara; 6/15/2013. $64,000


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