509 Bella Court, Barrick Robin to Leathers Zachary and Leathers Sarah; 7/16/2012. $290,000

513 S. Pitney Road, Rausch Jennifer Lyn (Aarons Jennifer Lyn) to Caring Inc.; 7/17/2012. $240,000

117 N. Leipzig Ave., Leichtnam Susan M. to Hambrecht William O. and Ricci Debra L.; 7/18/2012. $292,000

520 S. Pomona Road, Diaz Armando and Diaz Maria to Arroyo Iliana I.; 7/19/2012. $155,000

317 Meadow Ave., Puma Frank to Leichtnam Brian M. and Leichtnam Suzanne M.; 7/19/2012. $269,000

330 S. Mannheim Ave., Grunow Ernest R. and Grunow Margaret A. to Mealo Francis and Mealo Julie; 7/19/2012. $150,000

309 S. Fairview Ave., Stewart Christopher M. and Stewart Jennifer A. to Lamanteer Kenneth D.; 7/20/2012. $125,000

722 Pine St., Hansen John and Hansen Holli B. to Albrecht Erin J.; 7/20/2012. $130,000