280 W. Park Ave., Leavens, Tracie to GHL Properties LLC; 5/6/2013. $18,000

639 Country Club Drive, Amato, Louis A., Amato, Christine to Olsen, Theresa; 5/6/2013. $280,000

332 S. Poplar Ave., Gonzalez, Maritza, Gonzalez, Neil to Robinson, Tiffany Johnson; 5/6/2013. $180,000

Latest Video

19 Sussex Place, McFadgen, Michael L., Mack, Denise L. to Holko, Justin; 5/6/2013. $60,000

710 Cooper Ferry Court, Rivard, Eva D. to Olunina, Viktoryia; 5/6/2013. $157,000

520 Emerson Court, Klickovich, Sam, Klickovich, James, Klickovich, Jessie S. to Maier, Patricia; 5/6/2013. $182,000

314 Spencer Lane, Ventura, Anthony J. to Obeirne, Patrick M.; 5/6/2013. $304,500

259 Mannheim Ave., Coventree, Michael W., Coventree, Beatrice to Maletta, Anthony L., Maletta, Lisa M.; 5/8/2013. $218,000

204 Brads Court, Casey, Bryan M., Casey, Susan M., Kirschner, Susan M. to Tilton, Scott J.; 5/8/2013. $245,000

442 Willow Ave., Yodakis, Janeen, Cranmer, Joyce R. to Young, David; 5/8/2013. $83,500

657 Country Club Drive, Gillespie, Dennis J., Gillespie, Jean A. to Haynes, Thomas C., Haynes, Catherine A.; 5/8/2013. $262,500

221 Mattix Run, Tolbert, Steven J., Tolbert, Lourdes Espinar to Baehrle, Michelle Leroy; 5/8/2013. $70,000

223 N. Mannheim Ave., Macera, Arturo A. to Stamelos, Christina, Lacontora, Matthew; 5/9/2013. $302,000

700 Gull Wing Court, Smith, John, Smith, Margaret V., Ramos, Margaret V. to Devaull, Brielle M., Caltagirone, Shawn M., Caltagirone, Grace, Caltagirone, Frank; 5/9/2013. $216,200

8 Eagle Wood Drive, Jacob, Joseph, Jacob, Hailey to Taggart, James J., Taggart, Sonia O.; 5/9/2013. $347,000

144 Club Place, Sweet, Joseph A. to Walling, John A., Walling, Nicole; 5/9/2013. $50,000

49 Driftwood Court, Rann, Michael R., Schieder, Terri L., Rann, Steven J., Rann, Theresa B. to Dye, Robert J., Dye, Maryjane R.; 5/10/2013. $53,500

309 Redwood Ave., Shaffor, Herman Edward to Thomas, Clifford; 5/10/2013. $159,000

914 Stoney Hill Road, Leeds, Linda, Leeds, Ronald to Fitzpatrick, James, Fitzpatrick, Kathleen; 5/10/2013. $94,000

120 Southampton Drive, Morales, Nazario, Morales, Miriam Z. to Preslock, Barbara L.; 5/10/2013. $265,000

15a Abraham Ave., Mehta, Taral D., Mehta, Sonal T. to Patel, Manish B., Patel, Chirag B., Patel, Mital C., Patel, Pankini; 5/10/2013. $250,000

546 Eighth Ave., Demidio, Charles, Demidio, Nino James, Demidio, Marie to Longville, Byron, Yeung, Kei Tung; 5/10/2013. $142,000

21 S. Quail Hill Blvd., Uniglicht, Rose A., Uniglicht, Lawrence to Colon, Anotonio, Colon, Sally; 5/10/2013. $150,000

420 Ebony Tree Ave., Soto, Jesus, Derodriguez, Francisca Rios to Patel, Vogeshkhumar N., Patel, Rakesh N.; 5/10/2013. $165,000

23 Northampton Road, Ryan, Dona Maria D. to Gamble, Sandra J.; 5/10/2013. $289,000


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