124 New Castle, Parkin Charles L., Parkin Rita A. to Marcone Vincent James, Marcone Barbara; 12/17/2012. $169,900

72 Trotters Lane, Totorello Nicholas to Palmer William D.; 12/17/2012. $110,000

509 S. Fir Ave., Freddie Mac to Fehrle Margaret M.; 12/17/2012. $77,000

131 St. Georges Drive, Carpenter Frederick R, Borzumato Carol V. to Jerry and Constance String Liv Tr, String Jerry Dean, String Constance Maureen, String Jerry, String Constance; 12/17/2012. $272,000

335 Orange Tree Ave., Nguyen Leena, Nguyen John to Atrium Lodge LLC; 12/17/2012. $215,000

1321 North St., Class William R., Class Charles A. to Yost Cody A.; 12/18/2012. $61,000

5 Londonberry St., Wright Joann to Kelly Dianne M.; 12/19/2012. $237,500

90 Shawnee Place, Gambino Rosario, Gambino Rosairo to Chevere Nicole M.; 12/20/2012. $99,000

7 Federal Court, Fang Ai Liu, Fong Yau Dan to Conlon Investment LLC; 12/20/2012. $40,000