188 Mattix Run, Capece David and Dc Advisors LLC to Glover Ronnett; 6/18/2012. $105,000

737 Moonracker Court, Brennan Vickie and Brennan William to Sullivan Jacalyn and Sullivan Mark; 6/18/2012. $236,000

100 N. Prague Ave., Kotila Quenby to McMullen Kelly; 6/18/2012. $191,000

Latest Video

308 Zenia Ave., Allen Helen and Allen Sonia to Hcc Properties LLC; 6/19/2012. $112,500

209 Magnolia Ave., Wackenheim Carla and Wackenheim George to Rivero Rose; 6/20/2012. $220,000

550 Country Club Drive, Spe Go Holdings Inc to Back Seven Assoc LLC; 6/21/2012. $2,030,704

730 Ravenwood Drive, Acre Gregg and Carlino Dolores to Baloun Lisa; 6/22/2012. $180,000

30 Cheshire Drive, Independent Marketing Exchange Inc and Liquidating Settlement Tr to Baker Barbara and Baker Thomas; 6/22/2012. $82,500

629 Duerer St., Betts Cynthia and Wage Nancy,/Heir to Reidy Martina and Youmans Patrick; 6/25/2012. $125,000

722 Whalers Cove Court, Quigley Alicia and Quigley Edward to Capella Nancy; 6/25/2012. $189,900

500 S. Bella Court, Foley Jill to Delgado Ricardo and Knoll Kimberly; 6/28/2012. $276,900

525 Revere Way, Palmer William to Palmer Samantha; 6/28/2012. $140,000

137 Sussex Drive, Campbell Carole and Campbell John to Dolan Timothy; 6/28/2012. $62,000

576 E. Revere Way, Beaulieu Jennifer and Beaulieu Jerome to Nowrey James; 6/29/2012. $160,000

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