Galloway Township reminds residents that the township has had a bulky rigid plastics recycling program in place since 2008, when the service became available through the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

Rigid plastic recycling is accepted from residents at the Galloway Road Convenience Center, which is open from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday (except holidays).

Acceptable items are buckets with metal handles, milk crates, laundry baskets, totes, toys and play houses, lawn furniture, pet carriers, coolers, pallets, shelving, dish drainers, flower pots and landscape trays (no soil), garbage and recycling cans, CDs and DVDs and cases, VHS tapes, PVC and PET blister packs, five-gallon water bottles and automotive bumpers.

Items not accepted are PVC pipe or tubing, vinyl siding, plastic drums, plastic film (grocery bags and stretch film), water hoses and plastic bottles and jars that can go in regular curbside recycling.

For more information, contact Barbara Fiedler at 609-652-3700, ext. 209, or