Go Green Galloway will offer a series of workshops and seminars for residents who are interested in learning different ways to use water more efficiently, both indoors and out. These efforts will aid in our continuing goal to make Galloway a more sustainable community and in recertifying our town as a Sustainable Jersey SILVER community.

With the help of the Americorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors, there will be several practical workshops where residents can learn to craft and install their own rain barrels, design a rain garden using native plants, and install water efficient fixtures. In addition to water conservation awareness there will be a focus on water quality in our area. Go Green Galloway hopes to offer the opportunity for residents to become Volunteer Water Monitors through a water quality monitoring training.

Participating in Water Conservation education can help to reduce your bills, improve water quality, and ensure that there are resources available for future generations. For more information about dates or details, call Barbara Fiedler, Chair/Go Green Galloway, at 609-653-3700, ext. 209, or email bfiedler@gallowaytwp-nj.gov.