"I like to hold what I have (to read). I'm a paper person."

Lou Green, of Mays Landing, said he has been a longtime subscriber of The Press and still prefers his paper edition over the Internet.

Whether it was because they grew up with it, or their first job was as a paper boy, subscribers attending a recent Breakfast Club event in Mays Landing shared their opinions of the paper.

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Green said the one thing he wished could be added to the event was meeting not just the management, but also his delivery person.

"They should be a part of this because we don't know who they are," Green said.

About 25 people attended the free breakfast event recently, where prizes were given to lucky winners. Many said they enjoyed reading the paper and the variety of news available. Anonymous comment sheets were passed around for residents to share their opinions.

Most said they wished for a wider variety of sports news.

Ed and Anita Wenzke, of Egg Harbor Township, said they liked attending the breakfast event.

"The first thing he does is go out from the garage and grab The Press. Even before he takes his pills," Anita Wenzke said of her husband.

"I can see (the news) on TV but I like to take my time with it," Ed Wenzke said.

"Overall I like the paper, it doesn't need a lot (of improvements)," said Egg Harbor Township resident Pete Ireland.

Ireland grew up in Margate before moving to EHT and said he grew up reading the paper. He was also a paper boy.

"Back when you used to ride your bicycle and deliver the paper," Ireland said.

The free breakfast event is part of an ongoing community outreach program by The Press to hear the opinions of loyal subscribers.

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