2006 Woodlands Drive, U.S. HUD, Cityside Management Corp. to Abdelnour, Usama, Abdelnour, Gilan H.; 3/11/2013. $50,000

6888 11th Ave., Bates, Wes to Banks, Christopher S., Banks, Susan P.; 3/11/2013. $214,000

5920 Ninth St., Gatto, Kelly J., Gatto, Catherine J. to Ripley, Lindsay A.; 3/11/2013. $100,500

Latest Video

6310 Palmer Ave., Ruggeri, Susan to Berman, Larry R.; 3/12/2013. $45,113

6083 Hoover Drive, Cityside Management Corp., U.S. HUD to Okoth, Anne O.; 3/13/2013. $31,150

148 Marucci Place, Nocito, Marcia Ann, Jiampetti, George C. to Dillon, Patricia J.; 3/13/2013. $167,000

8 Rembrandt Way, Ryan Homes to Clarke, Matthew E., Clarke, Nancy; 3/14/2013. $262,832

3516 Woodland Drive, Torres, Rumari to Roman, Christine; 3/14/2013. $38,000

6308 Sears Ave., Robbins, James, Binkiewicz, Florence R. to Bird, Kevin K.; 3/15/2013. $75,000

7035 Fulton Ave., Panchesine, William to Love, Magdalena; 3/15/2013. $142,900

4410 Yorktown Place, Didaniele, David, Didaniele, Monique to Tsagaris, Christina M.; 3/15/2013. $60,000

810 Leiling Lane, Hansen, Roger, Hansen, Edwina to Riccobono, Elizabeth K.; 3/15/2013. $500,000

7331 Belmont Ave., Sieg, Robert to Kraus, Debra; 3/15/2013. $64,750


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