93 Meadow Circle, Vega Victor X, Vega Gina L to Bradshaw Darius E, Bradshw Omareke K; 12/3/2012. $174,000

2245 Route 50, Straile Kenneth F to Scozzafava Erich A; 12/3/2012. $137,000

3003 Ivy Bush Court, Ferendez Margarita, Rojas Redy to Irfan Sardar Sanila, Sardar Sanila Irfan, Irfan Sardar Nourah, Sardar Nourah Irfan; 12/3/2012. $44,000

Latest Video

2722 Evergreen Court, Weather Sadonia to Irfan Sanila, Sardar Nourah Irfan, Irfan Sardar Nourah; 12/3/2012. $30,000

6053 Hoover Drive Unit 5C, U.S. Bank Na, Select Portfolio Serv Inc. to Haddad Reem K; 12/5/2012. $30,000

7318 Black Horse Pike, Durham Judith, Cuff Morris A to Day Michele A, Day Jonathan H, Bernardini Brittney M, Bernardini David E; 12/7/2012. $40,000

34 Gasko Road, Foster Francis J, Foster Maryellen S to Guida Phillip, Guida Amelia; 12/7/2012. $180,000

15 Strathmere Road, Us Home Corp, Lennar to Akram Dawud; 12/7/2012. $252,000

6131 Longwood Ave., Cassaro Linda S to Badey Susan; 12/7/2012. $160,000

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