4952 Flintshire Court, Federal National Mtg Assn, Lam Fei F to Williams Tisha R; 8/14/2012. $63,000

6894 Market St., HUD to Petrini Louis; 8/14/2012. $32,325

90 Northridge Drive, Rodriguez Antonio, Rodriguez Davelen to Pappas Stephen; 8/14/2012. $133,000

26 Fox Hollow Drive, Cincotti James J, Cincotti Judy A to Amoni Ahmed R, Amoni Majda S; 8/14/2012. $220,000

31 Mill St., Whiting Jane Marie to Scattone Liane; 8/14/2012. $150,300

1534 Madison Court, JHW Associates Llc, Weisberger Julie H to Tucker Sandra Welch, Welch Tucker Sandra; 8/15/2012. $94,000

19 Renaissance Drive, Ryan Homes to Grunwald Lisa A, Grunwald Thomas J; 8/15/2012. $352,179

6806 Harding Hwy., Warfield Brown Brenda, Jones Rosa M, Jones Arthur N to Petrini Louis; 8/15/2012. $31,000

5034 Laydon Court, Federal National Mtg Assn to Chew Lian S, Wang Chinghua; 8/16/2012. $45,000

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