Election Day is five months away but the Hamilton Board of Education is assured of three new members.

None of the three incumbents with expiring terms — David May, Michelle Befano and Mark Ludwick, the board’s vice president — decided to run for re-election to the 9-member board.

The situation is unusual, but Ludwick said it is not the result of any problems among the board.

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Ludwick said he decided not to run again because of time constraints and a desire to spend more time with his family. He said installing new solar panels and restoring sports programs were some of his top accomplishments.

May and Befano did not return messages seeking comment.

The board has seen a lot of opposition from the public this year as dozens of residents and staff have been at meetings to complain about the behavior of some students.

Board President Anne Erickson said the board also accomplished several things, such as restoring 22 paraprofessional positions that had been cut to part-time three years ago and passing a budget in April that reduced the tax rate by nearly a penny.

The new members will not be sworn in until January. That means the board will have three lame duck members for more than six months.

“It will be difficult because they do so many things,” she said.

The outgoing members include two-thirds of the Personnel Committee who, along with Erickson, are negotiating a new contract with their employees union. The roughly 900 employees’ contract expired on June 30, but they will continue to work under the old contract.

Amelia Francis, former Deputy Mayor John Sacchinelli and Anthony Germano Jr. are candidates for the three vacant seats.

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