Only two candidates are running for three openings on the Hamilton Township Board of Education this year.

Running mates John Sacchinelli, a former mayor, and Amelia Francis are on the ballot this year after current board members David May, Michelle Befano and Mark Ludwick all decided not to run.

Anthony Germano Jr. had also filed an application to run with Sacchinelli and Francis, but he removed his name from the ballot because he plans to move.

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School board President Ann Erickson said she has heard there may be write-in campaigns. A candidate must receive at least ten write-in votes to win a seat. If no write-in candidate is elected, the board will select a member to fill the vacancy.

Sacchinelli and Francis have not served on the board before. The two said they had begun talking and decided to run for the office together to spread new ideas.

“I want to help out any way I can,” Sacchinelli said. “The school board has done a great job, but we want to add our flavor to things to try to make it better.”

Sacchinelli said he will promote more openness and have more information available to the public. The board puts its meetings on its website, but he wants them to add it to Channel 2.

The candidates also said they want to promote shared services with other districts and the township.

“You have ideas for solutions during the campaign, but until you get on the board and see how things work it’s just speculation,” Sacchinelli said.

Francis said she fully believes in the axiom “it takes a village to raise a child.”

“I’m truly a child advocate,” she said. “If we don’t give them what they need when they’re little, what will they do when they’re big?”

Francis, a mother of five who volunteers to assist teachers in different schools in the district, said she wants to get more parents involved with their children’s education.

“That makes a successful school district,” she said.

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