GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Egg Harbor City Mayor Lisa Jiampetti attended Galloway’s regular council meeting Tuesday evening to thank the township’s Police Department for their help in apprehending four men from a state Juvenile Justice Commission facility in Egg Harbor City who escaped in December.

Jiampetti told the council and Galloway Police Chief Pat Moran that she wanted to thank the officers for their professionalism, quick response and to present the township with a certificate of appreciation.

Jiampetti read from a letter written to Galloway Mayor Don Purdy about the escape of five men on New Year’s Eve.

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That evening state officials notified Egg Harbor City police that five dangerous males had escaped from custody on foot, Jiampetti said.

“Since some of the subjects were seen on Aloe Street in Galloway, Capt. Richard Kramer notified the Galloway Township Police Department and Chief Moran responded to the scene with a host of officers,” she said.

“I called Chief Moran and he said he’d be there without hesitation and his officers. The officers were excellent and without their dog we wouldn’t have caught them,” said Egg Harbor City Police Capt. Richard Kramer.

Four of the five men were apprehended on the 200 block of Buffalo Avenue in Egg Harbor City without incident that evening with the help of Moran, K-9 officer Sgt. Mark D’Esposito and his partner Zito and group of officers working together from both municipalities, she said.

Moran said it is a consistent cooperative effort between the neighboring departments.

“Whenever our township is in need Egg Harbor City backs up our police department. When our police departments are down so low it’s great for everyone to come around and work together,” Purdy said.

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