Stacy Foster-Godwin runs A1 Tours out of Egg Harbor City.

Business: A1 Tours

Location: Liverpool Avenue, Egg Harbor City

Owner: Stacy Foster-Godwin, of Egg Harbor City

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Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 888-353-9162

A1 Tours is a scenic and destination tour company. We provide visitors to our area with experiences, including scenic tours and trips to destinations such as historic landmarks.

We have a Family Fun Day, geared toward the entire family, that includes Absecon Lighthouse, the Atlantic City Aquarium and Lucy the Elephant. That particular tour also includes lunch at Lucy the Elephant.

Currently, we have four tours in our portfolio. People can get more information or reserve a tour through our toll-free number or through our website at

Another is our Ultimate Wine & Dine Tour. That’s with Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City and includes dinner, wine tasting, a tour of Prohibition Alley, where wine continued to be made, and the museum at the winery. That’s a fascinating tour.

We also offer a Sightseer and Shopper’s Delight Tour. They go to the Historic Towne of Smithville, the Village Greene at Smithville and the Noyes Museum. That also includes lunch at the Historic Smithville Inn.

The final tour we offer is our Nature and EcoTour. Visitors are taken to the Forsythe National Widlife Refuge and also the Noyes Museum adjacent to the refuge.

All of the tours will begin and end at Brighton Park in Atlantic City, a central location. Transportation is provided by A1 Tours.

The maximum we can seat on the bus is 54 people. The minimum number we need for a tour is 15 people.

The average price is between $45 and $50 per person for the tours. We’re keeping it competitively priced, considering our market and the amenities.

I am hopeful this will be a year-round business, but some of the tours such as the nature one might need to be seasonal. The Wine & Dine Tour certainly will be year-round.

Entry: I was born and raised in Atlantic City, and am a graduate of Richard Stockton College.

I love having the ability to travel and exploring where I am. I saw there was a great opportunity to serve visitors to our city.

The future: I feel that our future is bright for Atlantic City and I’m looking to expand the business, building a brand that people can know and trust. Going forward, I want to identify other experiences we could offer.


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