Shawn Grigus

Shawn Grigus

Business: Tap It Homebrew Supply Shop

Location: 129 Philadelphia Ave., Egg Harbor City

Owner: Shawn Grigus, 42, of Mays Landing

Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-593-3697

I needed a larger location for Tap It Homebrew Supply Shop. I’d been at the other store two years. This is a first step toward growing the business.

We offer supplies to brew your own beer or make your own wine or soda at home. I carry all of the equipment and all of the ingredients. A lot of my customers keep asking for more stuff.

Beer equipment includes brew kettles, mash tuns, bottling buckets, siphons, tubing, and kegging and draft equipment. A lot of liquor stores send people my way, since you need equipment to get the beer out of the keg.

Another piece of brewing equipment is the carboy, in which you ferment the beer. I have them in glass and plastic, from 2 to 10 gallons.

Beer supplies include more than two dozen varieties of grain, more than 30 types of hops. I also have chemicals for water treatment, adjuncts such as flaked barley and wheat, as well as lots of different spices and sugars. Then there are around three dozen kinds of yeast.

Some wine equipment overlaps with beer, such as the carboys, siphons and tubing. I offer wine buckets for fermenting, usually 8 gallons, and wine kits containing grape juice and additives to promote fermentation.

I also sell flavorings, such as peach and blueberry, that can be used with either beer or wine.

Soda is the smallest part of the business. I have root beer in several varieties, and a vanilla cream extract. The kit I sell has a fermenting barrel, a soda extract and yeast, which naturally carbonates the soda. These sodas have a tiny amount of alcohol in them, well below what would be designated an alcoholic beverage.

Entry: I’d always wanted to make craft beer, and years ago a friend bought me a kit. That eventually turned into this business, and now I sell that great beginner’s kit for $49.99. It makes 2 gallons, which is about as much as one case of 12 ounce bottles. The refills are $20.

The future: With the new location, eventually I’ll be open during the daytime, and by spring or summer I’m going to be able to offer classes.

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