EGG HARBOR CITY — The father of a second-grader at the Charles L. Spragg Elementary School has filed a harassment complaint with Egg Harbor City police against a substitute teacher who allegedly told the 7-year-old that she was “too sexy” for gym class.

Henry Wilson said his daughter told another teacher about the comment after class Monday and that she told him after school.

Superintendent John Gilly confirmed Wednesday that school officials had investigated the incident and that the substitute teacher, identified as Marco Inskip, 40, of Northfield, has been suspended from the district’s substitute list pending permanent action by the school board at its May meeting. A specific date has not been announced.

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Wilson said he was pleased with the school’s quick response, but decided to file the harassment complaint because police told him Inskip has no criminal record, meaning he could still work in other school districts.

“I just don’t want him to be able to go to another district and do the same thing,” he said.

Wilson said his daughter knew Inskip because he had substituted in the school before. He said his daughter told him that on Monday they were in gym class and Inskip was separating the class into two lines. When he got to his daughter, he said she was “too sexy to do gym class today.”

He said after class she told another teacher that Inskip had said a bad word to her because she didn’t want to say the word “sexy,” but then another student in the class told the teacher what Inskip said. That teacher took the information to the guidance counselor.

Wilson said that when his daughter told him about the incident after school he was shocked. He went into the school and met with the principal and guidance counselor who said Inskip told her he had said his daughter was “cute” but that other students had heard him say “sexy.”

Gilly said in an email that he could not discuss specifics of the event because of student confidentiality, but he said school officials had handled the situation appropriately.

Wilson said he has discussed with his daughter what to do if an adult approaches her or says something inappropriate, and he was proud of her for telling a teacher and not just keeping it to herself.

“She’s fine,” he said. “The guidance counselor talked to her, and I’m happy with how the school responded.”

Wilson said his daughter is a “girly girl” who likes to dress up.

“But she doesn’t look sexy,” he said. “She looks 7.”

The Press of Atlantic City was unable to contact Inskip.

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