Cape Regional Medical Center

WICKHAM-WALKER - To Tiffany Wickham and Adrian Walker, of Wildwood Crest, a daughter, Jan. 12.

SHUMSKAYA-TRAJKOVSKI - To Maryna Shumskaya and Kirco Trajkovski, of Cape May Court House, a son, Jan. 24.

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PIPITONE - To Erika and Adamo Pipitone, of Wildwood Crest, a son, Jan. 29.

FRANCO-RUTHERFORD - To Elizabeth Ann Franco and Richard Ware Rutherford III, of Wildwood Crest, a son, Jan. 30.

REYES - To Tina Marie Reyes, of Villas, a daughter, Jan. 30.

NONEMAKER-ALLEN - To Melissa Nonemaker and Thomas Allen, of Villas, a daughter, Jan. 31.

EVANS - To Quyona Evans, of Cape May Court House, a son, Jan. 31.

LEWIS-BOSSUYT - To Casie Lewis and Evan Bossuyt, of Swainton, a son, Feb. 5.

POND - To Christel and Christopher Pond, of Wildwood, a son, Jan. 6.

GREEN-VANEMAN - To Sherrie Green and Brad Vaneman, of Rio Grande, a son, Jan. 6.


Rebecca Ruppert and Matthew Kelly, of Villas, a daughter, Feb. 10.

WEIR - To Heather and Daniel Weir, of Wildwood, a daughter, Feb. 11.

EVANS - To Anna and Bruce Evans, of Villas, a daughter, Feb. 11.

GRISER - To Justyne and Michael Griser, of Villas, a daughter, Feb. 11.

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

WYNNE - To Aimee and Michael Wynne, of Seaville, a son, Feb. 5.

BUREAU-KOCENSKI - To Vicky Bureau and Michael Kocenski, of Cape May, a son, Feb. 7.

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