AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

GROETSCH — To Jessica and Brian Groetsch, of Cape May, a son, Aug. 15.

Shore Medical Center

McCARTY — To Michelle and Joshua McCarty, of Cape May Court House, a son, July 30.

HODGES — To Brooke and Robert Hodges Jr., of Cape May Court House, a daughter, Aug. 1.

Cape Regional Medical Center

JOHNSON-BOYD — To Jessica Johnson and Lance Boyd, of Rio Grande, a son, Aug. 21.

CURTIS — To Donna and James Curtis, of Cape May Court House, a son, Aug. 21.

SABATINI-CELLI —To Lisa Sabatini and Kevin Celli, of Cape May, a son, Aug. 21.

HOWELL-TAYLOR — To Shaquana Howell and Thomas Taylor, of Whitesboro, a son, Aug. 23.

TORRES-RODRIGUEZ — To Sandra Torres and Edgardo Rodriguez, of Villas, a son, Aug. 24.

GILBERT-BIZALDI — To Alexis Gilbert and Joseph Bizaldi, of Villas, a son, Aug. 26.

RUIZ-MOORE — To Alexis Ruiz and Ryan Moore, of Burleigh, a daughter, Aug. 26.

MONTALVO — To Athena and Elvin Montalvo, of Del Haven, a son, Aug. 26.

PHILLIPS-WILLIAMS — To Kasey Phillips and Joseph Williams, of Villas, a son, Aug. 28.

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