Shore Medical Center

MATTHEWS — To Stephanie and Brett Matthews, of Cape May, a daughter, Sept. 3.

Cape Regional Medical Center

JONES-FENTRESS — To Christine Jones and Malcolm Fentress, of Burleigh, a son, Aug. 28.

BROWN — To Michelle and Christopher Brown, of Cape May Court House, a son, Aug. 29,

WORKMAN-MOLINO — To Amanda Workman and Alan Molino, of North Cape May, a daughter, Aug. 29.

NIEVES — To Marlee and Javier Nieves, of Cape May Court House, a son, Aug. 30.

KAHLE-TOMKINSON — To Sheri Kahle and David Tomkinson Jr., of Rio Grande, a son, Aug. 30.

CLIFFORD — To Amanda and Kendal Clifford, of Wildwood Crest, a son, Aug. 31.

WITKOWSKY-GALLAGHER — To Christina Witkowsky and Matthew Gallagher, of Green Creek, a daughter, Aug. 31.

COOK-NULL — To Amanda Cook and William Null, of West Wildwood, a son, Aug. 31.

NANONO-MOORE — To Rebecca Nanono and Keary Moore, of Rio Grande, a daughter, Aug. 31.

DAGNEY-FRANCIS — To Jamie Dagney and Peter Francis, of Wildwood Crest, a son, Sept. 3.

MORALES-DIAZ — To Jarilyn Morales and Roberto Diaz, of Villas, a son, Sept. 4.

INFANTO-VARGAS — To Cheyenne Infanto and Francisco Vargas, of Lower Township, a daughter, Sept. 4.

BROWN — To Marisa and Ethan Brown, of Villas, a son, Sept. 5.

ALEXANDER — To Amanda Alexander, of Cape May Court House, a son, Sept. 7.

PRICE-CALVERLEY — To Brey Price and Bruce Calverley, of Wildwood, a daughter, Sept. 7.