Cape Regional Medical Center

TURNER — To Brianna and Tom Turner, of Erma, a son, Oct. 10.

DRISCOLL-BROUGHTON — To Jessica Driscoll and Dan Broughton, of Green Creek, a son, Oct. 13.

BAEZ-LOPEZ — To Elsie Gonzalez (Baez) and Joseph Lopez, of Wildwood, a daughter, Oct. 16.

BRENNAN-GUSHUE — To Sarah Brennan and Shawn Gushue, of North Wildwood, a son, Oct. 16.

JORDAN-MILLIGAN — To April Jordan and William Milligan, of Erma, a daughter, Oct. 16.

McDERMOTT — To Kate and Ken McDermott, of Cape May, a son, Oct. 18.

NEWBY-RIDINGS — To Charlotte Newby and James Ridings, of Erma, a daughter, Oct. 20.