Eddie Behrens picked up a $75 food order from Big Wave Burritos in Cape May and biked it over to the employees at East Coast Parasail, in the Schellengers Landing section of Lower Township, for a fee of five bucks.

"I didn't have enough room in my backpack to carry it all, so I just had to strong-arm it while peddling across the bridge," said Behrens, a resident of Cape May. "That was my biggest order so far."

Behrens and Matt Reeves, of West Cape May, own and operate Cape Couriers, a by-bicycle pickup and delivery service run throughout the Cape May area. Customers just have to call the service number, and the guys will bring them whatever it is they want at a pre-determined flat rate, from a bottle of wine brought to a BYOB to sunblock to the beach.

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Service zones include Cape May proper, West Cape May, Cape May Point, Cape May East (east of Madison Avenue) and Lower Township and rates are determined by zones, including $5 for service within one zone, $7 for two zones, $9 for three zones and $12 for four zones.

Behrens and Reeves had been preparing to kick off Cape Couriers since March, forming a LLC, developing a website and logo, training and more.

"We rode a lot this winter to build up our endurance and get ready for this," said Behrens, adding that they now average about 50 miles of cycling per day in short sprints.

They officially launched Cape Couriers on Earth Day, April 22.

"All our gas is coming from our legs," he said.

Since starting, they have had an increasing number of orders each week and already have a strong base of regular callers such as Brandon Gevaudan, a bartender at Harry's Ocean Bar and Grill.

"He calls us pretty much every day wanting a breakfast sandwich," Reeves said of Gevaudan. "Once he opens that bar, he really can't get away."

"Sausage, egg and cheese on a bagel from Avalon Coffee," added Behrens, repeating Gevaudan's standard order.

Some other common deliveries including bringing food to hungry lifeguards who can't leave their stands, picking up and dropping off mail to the Post Office and grabbing random items from the grocery store.

The guys said they're loving their job. "We're outside, exercising and interacting with people. It can't get better," and they plan to continue the service throughout the fall and winter.

"Because I don't know how many times I've been on the couch like 'Aw man, I want a Wawa hoagie, but it's freezing cold outside,'" Behrens said.

Contact Elisa Lala:


To request service call 609-408-4370.

Service Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday to Monday.

For information, visit their website, capecouriers.com.

Also follow them on Foursquare, Twitter @capecouriers and Facebook, search Cape Couriers.

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