Cape May County Moms use web, social media to share useful ideas

Cape May County Moms blogger Georgia Dougherty and her daughters, Kaitlyn, 11, and Riley, 7, of the Villas section of Lower Township, show off some homemade Halloween costumes.

Let's be honest. Moms usually run the house. Even if dad brings home the bacon, mom is usually the one who decides whether its Applewood or turkey bacon on the plate.

With this in mind, the concept of Cape May County Moms was born.

Cape May County Moms is a website,, created by five moms for all the moms of the county, and its visitors.

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It's a corner of cyberspace where moms can find fun ideas for things to do with their children, read reviews of family-friendly places written by moms who've been there, find answers, share ideas, tricks and tidbits, and simply connect as a community, said its operator and editor Karen Sweitzer-O'Brien. Sweitzer is a Cape May Court House mom of four, ages 12, 9, 7 and 3. She's assisted by four fellow mom bloggers - Erin McFeeters, Tanya Hunter, Melissa O'Donnell and Georgia Dougherty - each from different walks of life and with different likes.

Sweitzer refers to herself as a "fun mom." She said she likes to get "down and dirty" with her kids and provide them with as many experiences as possible, from camping and crafting to taking in local sites, such as the Cape May Lighthouse and Emlen Physick Estate.

McFeeters is well-versed in crafts. Hunter, Melissa O'Donnell are eco-friendly, and Dougherty is a big advocate of family time. She's also a lot of fun.

Dougherty, a mom of two girls ages 11 and 7, said no mom is a super mom, which is why they need to help each other out.

"The site isn't about telling parents to go here and do this. It's about sharing ideas and, most importantly, having fun with our kids," she said. "I believe it takes a village to run a family, and this is our village."

Their moms' posts range from reviews of family-friendly places and products to local upcoming event listings and more. The moms occasionally plan group play dates. Less occasionally, they host moms' night outs.

Cape May County Moms also has an active Facebook page, which helps all the moms to interact more efficiently and quickly.

In the past year, the Facebook page has grown from 300 fans to about 2,600.

Sweitzer said if she gets a question, she'll post it on the Facebook page wall so all of the Facebook fans can see it and join in the conversations.

Typically a thread of answers will come in within a few minutes, she said, and she's gotten a wide range of inquiries, from "how clean are the bathrooms at the certain place to is it appropriate to bring a 3-year-old on a whale watching cruise," she said. "These are the things moms think about."

Sweitzer said she's working on launching a second mom's site for Atlantic County moms. There's already a Facebook page up for it, and once enough interest is shown she will launch the website.

She is looking for moms interested in writing for either site.

"The goal is to have a diverse group because we're all different," she said. "I really like the writing to be organic and real."

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