One year ago, Jesse Lambert took up his longboard and skateboarded 47 miles from Atlantic City to Cape May to raise money for a mission trip to Mozambique. The stunt helped Lambert, 23, of Cape May, to raise about $2,000, which paid for his plane tickets to Africa.

Now, Lambert has a new epic adventure in mind: he and his wife, Leigha, are going to bicycle across the country to raise money for the international organization Living Water.

The 4,000-mile expedition is expected to take the couple anywhere from two to eight months.

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"We're not concerned about how fast we can get there," Lambert said. "We're more concerned about who we can meet along the way and what we can experience in each town. It could last two months or seven to eight months."

The idea to raise money for Living Water came from Leigha, 21, who was inspired after the couple first heard about Living Water at Revolve Church, which they attend, in North Cape May. The foundation organized a mission trip to Honduras through the church last April where the goal was to build a well in a community that needed clean water.

"We have been talking all summer about doing a trip this fall or winter, and it just kept coming back to doing a cross country bicycle trip," Jesee Lambert said. "I thought that was a great idea, and I couldn't think of a better company to raise money for."

Chris Winter, senior director of development for Living Water, said that the organization's signature project is drilling water wells.

"Our mission is to drill water wells in the developing world," he said. "We work in 23 countries around the world to bring clean, safe water to communities in need. We also, alongside that, teach health, hygiene and sanitation training. We want people to have the maximum impact of that water."

Winter said it is not uncommon for people to adopt an undertaking like the Lamberts.

"We have people who are very involved in marathons," Winter said. "We've had people walk and bike long distances. It's amazing because there is a fundraising aspect which is important, but even more important sometimes is the opportunity to raise awareness."

The cross country cycling venture is one of significant magnitude for the Lamberts.

"I would not consider us cyclists," Lambert said. "I've always been an active person, so has my wife. I've done some long distance skateboard trips."

In lieu of training for the trip Lambert said, "This May I sold my truck, and we've been biking a lot."

Although the duo has had no formal training, Lambert said that he is not worried about the distance the couple will travel.

"We'll take the trip easy at first and gradually add more and more miles each day," Lambert said.

The couple plans on cycling 33 miles the first day after taking the Cape May-Lewes Ferry into Delaware. The Lamberts then plan on cycling to Lakeland, Fla., where they'll visit friends. Their route will take them along the southern boarder of the United States to avoid the cold weather, eventually making it to San Diego, Calif.

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