Sunshine News and Beach in Cape May is reaching far and wide to serve the local community.

First-time business owner, Ron Sayle, 54, of Cape May, wanted to open a business that mirrored his personal interests while providing resources for the LGBT community.

"I asked myself, 'What do people most ask me for,'" he said. "So I decided newspapers and international magazines."

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Sayle started coming to Cape May about 18 years ago, when he began working summers as a waiter and bartender at the Mad Batter in Cape May. Originally from Middletown in Monmouth County, Sayle has spent the off-summer months in Nashville, Tenn. About six years ago, he moved to Cape May permanently.

Sayle said he had been thinking about opening his own business for a while, but jumped at an opportunity this spring when he saw vacancies in the shops on Gurney Street and Beach Avenue.

"I wanted to have a store that was openly 'out' that resourced the gay community," Sayle said. "There aren't any restaurants and stores that are openly gay that are run, owned and operated."

The store features 10 different newspapers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Italian Gazzetta, as well as a variety of international and gay magazines, T-shirts and sunglasses that are made 100 percent from recycled materials, recycled greeting cards, and graphic novels, among other snacks and knickknacks.

Although the media available at Sunshine News and Beach reaches across the globe, Sayle said that shop is "trying to stay small and healthy."

Currently, the shop features art from four local artists: Lori Erdley, whose mosaics are featured, photographer Kelli Hoff, painter Linda Pendrak-Gellien and Tom Werkheiser, whose drawings are featured.

"He knows my style and what I do," said Hoff, 26, of North Cape May. "I chose to show beach stuff, and those are local pieces, some things that I thought would work with (the shop)."

Sayle says that every month Sunshine News and Beach will feature four new local artists. He also plans to have a coffee bar offering Avalon Coffee Co. products.

Sayle's partner in Sunshine News and Beach and in life, Alecksandr Zolotov, 24, of Cape May, said "(Sayle) is thinking about trying to do, not just painters and photographers, but also something with writers. They could come here and read their work, something for the local community."

Sunshine News and Beach is located in Cape May in the shops on Gurney Street and Beach Avenue and has a page on Facebook.

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