Douglas Raucci’s family posed in front of the new scoreboard June 13 at Margaret Mace School in North Wildwood. From left were Amanda Voisard, Doug’s sister, Landon Voisard, nephew, David Raucci, father, Melissa Raucci, sister, Joanne Raucci, mother, Debbie Hoelsworth, aunt, and Elizabeth Troiano, cousin.

The Douglas Raucci Forget-Me-Not Foundation recently made a large donation to the Margaret Mace School in Wildwood to purchase a new electronic scoreboard for its gymnasium.

On June 13, the students and staff of Margaret Mace School packed into its gym to thank the family of Douglas Raucci for the donation and to try out their new scoreboard.

Douglas Raucci was a lifelong resident of Wildwood Crest who died in 2006 at age 20. Raucci had Down syndrome and had severe heart issues, but he was "the happiest, most inspiring, uplifting person I knew," said his mother, Joanne.

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The Forget-Me-Not Foundation was created by Douglas' family in his memory, named for the street he grew up on, Forget Me Not Road, with a mission of raising funds for local community needs.

Every year in March or April, the foundation holds a Buddy Walk to raise money for its causes, which they then give back to the community.

"The money that we generate we want to go right back into the community as soon as possible," said Douglas' father, David.

Margaret Mace physical education teacher Lisa Kobierowski said the family approached the school earlier this year to see if it had any needs. The school's old scoreboard was in dire need of replacement, Kobierowski said.

"The lights didn't work," she said. "You might as well say we didn't have a scoreboard."

The new scoreboard will be put to good use.

"I'm looking forward to using it," Kobierowski said.

To learn more about the Douglas Raucci Forget-Me-Not Foundation, see itsallabout

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