Business: Tuesday Morning

Location: 1500 Route 47 South, Rio Grande, Middle Township

Owner: Publicly owned, traded on Nasdaq

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District manager: Jamie Agostino, of Egg Harbor Township

Employees: 8 at Rio Grande store

Phone: 609-886-1333

Tuesday Morning, a national retailer focused on heavily discounted brand-name and other first-quality merchandise, has opened a new store in the Rio Grande section of Middle Township.

District manager Jamie Agostino said the chain offers discounts of up to 80 percent from retail prices and offers a broad, home-oriented inventory of bedding, bath linens, rugs, lamps, decorative items, furniture, cookware, tableware, luggage, toys and lawn and garden items.

“We also have changing seasonal offerings and holiday merchandise, for example for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving,” said Agostino, of Egg Harbor Township.

Tuesday Morning also has a robust online retail operation, with much of the store inventory and many items not found in its 840 stores, she said.

The company was founded by Lloyd Ross as a warehouse retail operation that offered its merchandise by invitation for limited periods — hence the name Tuesday Morning, a company spokeswoman said.

Ross send out green cards announcing the sales events, a method reflected today in the chain regularly sending out 9 million or so fliers for sale events 10 months of the year.

Agostino said the company’s buyers seek brand-name merchandise in the U.S. and abroad that it can sell at a heavy discount. “We buy a lot of closeout items.”

She said the new Rio Grande store, at 8,000 square feet, is a smaller one for the chain, with some in her 11 store district at 23,000 square feet.

“We’ve learned that we do very well in towns near beaches,” she said. “We ventured down there to capture the regular customers as well as the summer customers.”

Tuesday Morning opened its first store in the area in the Cardiff section of Egg Harbor Township, and in 2011 moved to a more prominent location in the Festival at Hamilton, across from the Hamilton Mall.

More locations may be coming to New Jersey, which might fit into the Nasdaq-traded company’s expansion plans.

“Right now, we have 11 stores in New Jersey, so we haven’t really penetrated all of this market yet,” Agostino said. “From what I’ve been told, we’re looking into the Northeast, a shopping mecca, and they’re really interested in getting more locations for us in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.”

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