News is out: Local artists have home at recently opened Cape May business

Ron Sayle, of Cape May, is exhibiting the work of local artists at his Sunshine News and Beach store on Beach Avenue and Gurney Street in Cape May and recently hosted a reception for them. ‘It turned out to be a really nice evening.’

There is a new place in town for artists to display their work in Cape May, but it isn't in a gallery. Sunshine News and Beach, a Cape May novelty shop that opened in August, is expanding into a hotspot that displays the works of different local artists every month.

On Sept. 15 owner Ron Sayle, 54, of Cape May, held a reception at Sunshine News and Beach to celebrate the artists that have been featured in his shop since its opening.

The reception was held for four local artists: Lori Erdley, whose mosaics are featured, photographer Kelli Hoff, painter Linda Pendrak, and Tom Werkheiser, whose stenciled fabric is featured.

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The shop will continue to feature the work of these artists until November, when Sayle will showcase four new local artists.

Sayle said, "It turned out to be a really nice evening," with both friends and strangers stopping by to check out the event.

Pendrak, who, among other things, paints day and beachscapes, figurative portraits, and pet portraits with pastels, said that she was happy to display her work in Sayle's shop because Sayle is an old friend.

"I like to help out anyone whose starting new in business, and he's also a friend. So I always like to help out a friend," she said. "(The event) was very well attended by friends and the public. It was like an opening reception for the artists that were exhibiting there."

Werkheiser, who exhibited fabric prints of the human form, said that he is a "jack of all trades when it comes to the arts."

The art that Werkheiser has displayed in Sayle's shop is created from a paper stencil which he then uses on fabric to produce the image of the human form. The image on the fabric is then matted and framed and displayed as an entire package.

"I didn't know how Ron would be ready by opening day, but he got into the frame of mind that he was having an opening party, and if everyone had to sit on boxes, that was okay," Werkheiser said.

Sayle is already planning to have an artist's reception for his November artists, who he said are "almost confirmed." Sayle posts about all of the events that Sunshine News and Beach throws on the store's Facebook page. The artist's receptions are open to the public and include snacks and beverages.

"It keeps looking more wonderful every day," Werkheiser said about Sunshine News and Beach. "(Sayle) feels really good about what he's been doing, he feels good about showing off local artists, he feels good about what he's trying to do."

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