Lower Township

304 Leaming Ave., Frank Prendergast, Jacqueline Prendergast to Richard Penater E, Karen Penater M; 1/28/2013. $230,000

1 E. Florida Ave., Victoria Miller A, Lavinia Sabin Mae to Daniel Starrett Z; 1/29/2013. $105,000

Latest Video

114 McKinley Ave., Mary Rutherford C, William Petrick G to John Taylor Michael, Kerry Taylor Lou; 1/29/2013. $119,000

218 Maryland Ave., Linda De Feo, Frank De Feo A, Rose De Feo P to Lisa Church L; 1/30/2013. $191,000

Middle Township

16 Rita Ave., Steven Kahny Henry to Christopher Burner R, Meghan Burner T; 1/28/2013. $175,000

20 Acorn Lane, Edward Sokorai M, Jennifer Sokorai Anne to Heather Novitskie R; 1/29/2013. $231,500

18 Falkirk, James Cornell J, Joanne Cornell C to Rita Maroldo M; 1/29/2013. $292,500

19 Leonards Lane, Jerome Gillespie F, Delores Gillespie to Henry Garton A, Saundra Garton; 1/31/2013. $275,000

North Wildwood

211 E. 21st St., Jenkin Snell, William Snell J to James Snell E, Glenda Snell; 1/28/2013. $125,000

409 E. 15th Ave., Christopher Laffey P to John Gaughan P, Deborah Gaughan L; 1/29/2013. $161,000

2207 Surf Ave. Unit 202, Todd Slickers M, Kimberly Slickers to Salvatore Anzaldi, Dawn Anzaldi; 1/30/2013. $192,000

222 E. 25th Ave. Unit 140, SLM Financial Corp, SLM to William Jeitner R, Margaret Jeitner A; 1/30/2013. $135,000

102 E. 19th Ave., Thomas Tucker B, Janet Tucker to Bruce Jenkins F, Christine Jenkins; 1/30/2013. $277,000


118 E. Jupiter Ave., First Glenn Trust, First Glenn Properties LLC to David Sperandeo M; 1/29/2013. $95,000

301 E. Bennett Ave. Unit 301, David Martin M, M Martin Annette to Justin Caramenico V, Donna Caramenico L; 1/29/2013. $319,000

333 E. Pine Ave. Unit A, Thomas Weller, Sara Weller to Timothy McKelvey M, Deborah McKelvey A; 1/29/2013. $230,000

3703 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3703, SLM Financial Corp to A MacAnish Scott, Karen MacAnish; 1/29/2013. $249,000

320 W. Garfield Ave., Gregory Vassie J to Sonya Levchenco E; 1/30/2013. $125,000

5201 Ocean Ave., Arthur Cresse C, Joan Cresse E, Cresse Living Trust to Linda Gerdes S; 1/30/2013. $275,000

Wildwood Crest

117 W. Wistria Road, Harold Hudson A, Florence Hudson H, Jean Hudson M, Harry Hudson A, Barbara Cattell Ann, Carl Hudson Luther, George Chaney A to Richard Hudson L, Kathleen Hudson M; 1/29/2013. $200,000

105 E. Stockton Ave., William Gaffney, Eileen Gaffney to John Kollhoff W, Patricia Kollhoff A; 1/29/2013. $350,000

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