Cape May

714 Corgie St., Steven Greenfeld H., Fulton Gordon R. to John Lynch M., Judith Lynch A.; 11/14/2012. $425,200

Lower Township

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103 Elliot Road, Anna Olszewski, Norman E. Bradley Jr. restated and amended revocable trust, to William Eckstein T., Dawn Eckstein K.; 11/13/2012. $195,000

112 Fire Lane, Michael Blomstrom J., Kristin Blomstrom, Catherine Blomstrom, Catherine Hewitt to Musawwir Bashir J.; 11/14/2012. $227,000

14 W. Atlantic Ave., John Brookshaw, Diane Brookshaw L. to Raymond Farroni C., Dolores Farroni M.; 11/16/2012. $73,000

26 Matthews Ave., Valentino Speyerer, Desiree Speyerer to Susan Remer Irene; 11/16/2012. $157,000

2 Pinewood Road, Christian Jurvic P. to Scott Peter D.; 11/16/2012. $68,000

122 Cliffside Road, Madeleine Dick S., Margaret O'Malley A., Peg O'Malley A., Mildred Porter N., Walter Porter O. to James Hanson; 11/16/2012. $100,000

1004 Crest Place, Joseph Link J., Maria Link A. to John Lerro A., Barbara Lerro H.; 11/16/2012. $210,000

2712 Weaver Ave., Diane Hoover C., Jay Hoover L. to Ellen Seward, Thomas Poussart; 11/16/2012. $141,950

Middle Township

72 Route 47 N., Delores Matzek, Richard Sandman E., to Beach Time Management LLC; 11/13/2012. $80,000

7 Bay Acres Drive, U S. Bank NA, Wachovia Bank NA, C. Greenpoint Mortgage Funding to William Palladino J., Janet Palladino; 11/15/2012. $280,100

104 Aberdeen Way, Maryanne Filosa to Robert Oldrati J., Patricia Oldrati A.; 11/16/2012. $265,000

North Wildwood

417-425 E., 22nd Ave. Unit 305, Guerino DiGregorio John, Patricia DiGregorio to Joseph Lerro, Colleen Lerro; 11/13/2012. $300,000

1900 Boardwalk No. 802, Dale Kennedy P. to Joseph Robb A.; 11/14/2012. $295,000

235b Allen Drive, Helen Karas to Daniel Jackson E, Helen Jackson T.; 11/15/2012. $90,000

1500 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1, Deanna Winkelvoss M. to Christian Hill T., Sandra Benner J.; 11/16/2012. $167,500


5300 Lake Road Unit 100, New Vistas Corp, 5300 Lake Road LLC to One Fine View LLC, One Splendid View LLC; 11/13/2012. $255,000

5103-05 Lake Road Unit C., Robert Cola G., Tracey Cola L. to Joseph Venit J., Stacey Venit K.; 11/13/2012. $225,000

314 E., Glenwood Ave., Robert Holton to Summerville 3000 LLC ; 11/13/2012. $160,000

201 E., Roberts Ave. Unit 100, Matthew Sepers to Jeffrey Ulness M.; 11/14/2012. $145,000

209-213 E. Poplar Ave., SLM Financial Corp. to Robert Kieninger Todd, Natalie Kieninger L.; 11/14/2012. $250,000

111 E. Magnolia Ave. Unit C., Tori Verdi, Tori Becker, Allen Becker, Adele Becker to Lee Bowers A., Tracie Bowers; 11/15/2012. $161,500

Wildwood Crest

8304 Seaview Ave., Seaview Investments of Wildwood Crest LLC to James Williams A., Geraldine Williams; 11/13/2012. $300,000

230 W. Morning Glory Road, Peek LLC to Michael Clark C., Catherine Clark A.; 11/14/2012. $210,651

758 W. Glenwood Ave., Olga George, William Eib to Michael Kimmel J., Jennifer Brank; 11/16/2012. $145,000

8206 New Jersey Ave., Thomas Hamilton, Jacqueline Hamilton to Mark Collins E, Jacqueline Collins, Joan Collins M.; 11/16/2012. $337,500

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