Cape May

546 Seashore Road, Elwood Garretson S, Charlotte Garretson to James Ridings M; 11/1/2012. $108,000

1311 A Vermont Ave, John Paradise A, Mary Paradise J to Michael Centone J, Maryann Centone; 11/2/2012. $300,000

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Lower Township

112 Pontaxit Ave, Charles Alberts F, Genevra Alberts W to Jason Ruffenach Matthew, Annemarie Ruffenach; 10/31/2012. $185,000

300 Deland Ave, Robert Daugherty E, Linda Daugherty F, Kara Pietrowicz M, Thomas Pietrowicz E, Kelly Gladfelter D, Eric Gladfelter Scott to Michael Lovas Cindy Lovas; 11/1/2012. $295,000

703 Holmes Ave, Joseph Amaturo A, Theresa Amaturo M, Theresa Amaturo, J Amaturo to Lidia Hall; 11/2/2012. $113,000

11 Beverly Road, Edward Painter to Jeffrey Lin, Kathleen Lin; 11/2/2012. $205,000

117 Village Drive, Mary Layton, Mary Baglione to Tammy Biondi L; 11/2/2012. $116,000

409 Mulberry Road, Rita Swegman C to Desmond Reilly J, Madeline Reilly C; 11/2/2012. $186,000

Middle Township

202 Dias Creek Road, Bernita Holt N, Walter Holt B to Mason Augustine G, Alexandra Augustine E; 11/2/2012. $216,000

North Wildwood

325C Allen Drive, Rosemary Lynch V to Charles Kobierowski C; 11/1/2012. $199,900

115 E 14th Ave, Betty Raimondo to Robert Sheehy J, Trina Sheehy Marie; 11/2/2012. $268,000

1800 Atlantic Ave Unit 309, William Bailey, Debra Bailey to Stephen Le Pera, Denise Le Pera; 11/2/2012. $82,500

514 E Seventh Ave, Gerald Longo, Judith Longo, Thomas Whelan, Patricia Miller, Patricia Whelan to Albert Gallagher, Sherry Gallagher; 11/2/2012. $237,500


323 E Hand Ave, DeDe Llc to William Mattson F; 11/1/2012. $350,000


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