Cape May

1102 Cake St., Graydon Hutchinson, Lisa Hammer to Graydon Hutchinson; 7/22/2013. $144,968

Lower Township

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1634 Star Ave., Stephen Craig, Sharon Craig to Lawrence Sarner, Eva Pennock; 7/22/2013. $174,000

33 W. Greenwood Ave., Michael Huntsinger, OS Bloodline Trust to Wayne Huntsinger, Kathleen Huntsinger; 7/22/2013. $81,666

606 Wayne Ave., Dolores McDonough Irrevocable Trust, Joseph McDonough to Edward Seibert, Irene Seibert; 7/24/2013. $181,000

621 Seashore Road, Merna Alexander, Alexander Family Trust, Kathleen Alexander to Maurice Laub, Pamela Laub; 7/24/2013. $132,500

Middle Township

9 S. 8th St., lynx Asset Services LLC to Thomas Keenan, Regina Keenan; 7/22/2013. $107,000

5 Secluded Lane, Crest Savings Bank to Salvatore DeSimone, Daniel DeSimone; 7/24/2013. $190,000

6 Michaels Court, CKJR LLC to Patricia Sinclair; 7/24/2013. $298,900

Route 9 North, Siegtown Partners LLC to Cape Mining & Recycling LLC; 7/24/2013. $74,855

Court House-South Dennis Road, Albrecht & Heun Inc., P&S Excavating Inc. to Cape Mining & Recycling LLC; 7/24/2013. $293,441

259 Stagecoach Road, Robert Rixey, Caryn Rixey to Rashaun Green, Lacy Green; 7/25/2013. $235,000

North Wildwood

314 E 24th Ave. Rear No. 5, Yvette DeLauro to Mario Dominic Charles, Monica Dominic Lynn; 7/22/2013. $122,000

325 E 19th Ave. Unit C, Janice Hugues to Michael Shalon, Kimberly Shalon; 7/22/2013. $310,000

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 318, Mited Liability Co. Surf Song of North Wildwood to Alex LaGreca, Angela LaGreca ; 7/22/2013. $147,000

1309 Ocean Ave. Unit 17, Breid McMeel, Michael McMeel to Kevin Preston, Jennifer Preston; 7/25/2013. $125,000

223 W. 14th Ave., Richard Schultz, Elizabeth Schultz, George Schultz, Mary Schultz to Cecilia Fox; 7/25/2013. $265,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 305, Roman Holiday LP to James Kilpatrick, Beverly Kilpatrick; 7/26/2013. $138,000

117 W. 25th Ave., Joseph Corvelli, Jill Corvelli, Jane Hoy to Toration Inc. Cape Islands Carpet Care & Res; 7/26/2013. $100,000


142 & 166 W. Youngs Ave.,  SLM Financial Corp. to Michael Conda, Theresa Conda; 7/26/2013. $80,000


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