Lower Township

100 E. Virginia Ave., Sonja Amaker, Eileen Riley-Amaker S to William Fisher J; 11/26/2012. $145,000

28 Beachhurst Drive, Robert Bingham F, Maureen Bingham to Aileen Bingham; 11/27/2012. $160,000

Latest Video

109 Avalon Road, Timothy Fairman, Thomas Fairman, Lillian Fairman to Michael Owen, Susan Owen L; 11/27/2012. $72,000

13 Beachhead Drive, Marie Lathbury J to Andrew Haungs S; 11/27/2012. $169,900

8700 Bayview Drive, Gloria Tecco, Stephen Tecco to Donna Tecco; 11/28/2012. $405,000

3907 Bayshore Road, Jean Lund, Elizabeth Nash Mae, Howard Nash to John Van Splinter S, Patricia Moran A; 11/28/2012. $140,000

104 Vermont Ave., James Ludlam to Jaime Biersbach; 11/28/2012. $179,900

561 Seashore Road, Harry Thomas Jones, John Thomas Edward, Tami Lo Monaco Ann to Michael Moore A, Kathleen Moore M; 11/28/2012. $152,000

105 E. New York Ave., Bruce Waterman A, Eliza Waterman M to Tiffany Brady E, James Cavanaugh R; 11/29/2012. $140,000

201 Washington Blvd., Lewis Lake G, Denise Lake P to James Tyrrell, Phyllis Tyrrell; 11/29/2012. $135,000

1312 New York Ave., Gregory Chaves, Kimberly Chaves to Constance Elek A; 11/30/2012. $497,179

Middle Township

15 Faith Run, William Mahoney James, Gail Mahoney M to Robert Hause G, Ruta Hause; 11/26/2012. $225,000

303 Mechanic St., Carl Neu A, Gail Neu A to Wendy Santana L, Russell West; 11/26/2012. $215,000

408 Route 47 S, Joseph Taylor R B, Mary Delaplain E to William Carlino, Kalin McVeigh; 11/27/2012. $155,000

27 Seigtown Road, Federal National Mortgage Assn, Fannie Mae, Mallary Steinfeld to John Raimondo, Betty Raimondo; 11/27/2012. $64,450

743 Dias Creek Road, Federal National Mortgage Assn, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg Pc to Jonathan Denham; 11/30/2012. $134,500

North Wildwood

102 E. 20th Ave., Richard Jolly C, Elizabeth Glass-Jolly to John McCaughern J, Margaret McCaughern G; 11/26/2012. $270,000

1604 Boardwalk Unit 201, Pete Macrie to Alfred Santos J; 11/26/2012. $301,000

230 E. 17th Ave. Unit F, John Bradbury J, Jo Anne Bradbury E to David Chrest P, Andrea Chrest G; 11/26/2012. $340,000

515 E. 11th Ave. Unit 8, Paul Murtagh, Theresa Murtagh to Stephen Petzold C, Bernadine Petzold F; 11/26/2012. $310,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 405, Roman Holiday LP, Beach Front Llc to Steve Del Carlino, Ann Del Carlino; 11/29/2012. $140,000

215 Surf Ave. Unit 202, William Reiley C, Laurie Reiley E to Edward Lyons, Regina Lyons; 11/30/2012. $308,000

West Cape May

521 N. Broadway, Eleanor Silvano, Carmen Silvano to Northwest Broadway Inc; 11/29/2012. $320,000

West Wildwood

755 W. Poplar Ave., Edward Kline M, Paula Kline M to Robert Stagliano A, Christine Stagliano H; 11/27/2012. $325,000

12 Bay Ave., Mary Miller S to Lawrence Magathan W, Deborah Magathan D; 11/30/2012. $220,000


220 E. Spencer Ave., Paul Russell J, Joyce Russell A to Spencer Properties of Wildwood; 11/26/2012. $300,000

318 E. Juniper Ave. Unit 100, William Frank C, Debra Frank M, Robert Carney, Christine Carney, Robert Carney E to Balreddy Kamireddy, Raja Chirra Sheka; 11/29/2012. $240,000

Wildwood Crest

401 Stockton Road Unit 301, Robert Grimley J, Laurie Grimley A to Tori Verdi, Allen Becker, Adele Becker; 11/27/2012. $315,000

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