Cape May

15 Broadway Unit 13, Michael Costello to Stephen Mahon, Barbara Mahon; 5/6/2013. $323,000

24 Summer Circle, Mary Swartz, Gary Swartz to Janice Stavola; 5/8/2013. $304,000

Latest Video

1220 Illinois Ave., Frank De Paolo, Diane De Paolo to Vincent Deon, Grace Deon; 5/8/2013. $332,500

Lower Township

1 Admirals Court, William Scarlino, Rose Scarlino to Mohamed Nasr, Sherien Mahmoud; 5/6/2013. $330,000

308 Roseann Ave., John Powers, Rita Powers to Nicholas Viscuso, Judith Viscuso; 5/6/2013. $187,000

1600 Jennings Ave., Harry Blose, Wava Blose to Steven Deabenderfer, Sandra Deabenderfer; 5/6/2013. $195,000

103 Orchard Drive, Steven Stinson, Judith Stinson to Matthew Ryan; 5/6/2013. $165,000

904 Shunpike Road, Patricia Wolfe, Marvin Hume, Marvin Hume to Leigh Douglass, Ryan Douglass; 5/8/2013. $150,000

202 Pontaxit Ave., Cynthia Taman to Beth Crowther, Albert Crowther; 5/8/2013. $169,900

129 McKinley Ave., Mark Schaad, Jacob Schaad to Scott Sandlin, Victoria Reif; 5/8/2013. $155,000

517-519 E. St. Johns Ave., Mary Ann MacFarlane, Albert MacFarlane, Marie Jane MacFarlane to 101 Briarwood Ave. LLC ; 5/10/2013. $59,000

Middle Township

469 Court House South Dennis Road, Richard Wilde to Jeffrey Devico, Michelle Devico; 5/6/2013. $334,500

2 Country Acres Drive, Constance Rissling, Ernest Rissling to Joshua Conlow, Nicole Delcorio; 5/6/2013. $194,000

4 S. 15th St., Thomas Hadley, Gayle Hadley to Patricia Curtin; 5/8/2013. $244,900

31 N. 12th St., Peter Manino, Denise Manino to Charles Law, Sabrina Law; 5/8/2013. $205,000

602 Tidewater Ave. Unit A, Milton Peak, Joanne Peak to Richard Marter; 5/9/2013. $227,700

22 Woodview Lane, John McCabe, Melissa Kay Krex to William Hayek, Joann Hayek; 5/9/2013. $340,000

650 Goshen Road, Carol Verity, Harold Verity to Harold Verity; 5/9/2013. $175,000

705 Steel Road, Harry Clark, Claire Clark to Elsie Camp; 5/10/2013. $185,000

317 Linden Lane, Joyce Florig, Gladys Florig, Stephen Florig to Ronald Paneblanco, Linda Paneblanco; 5/10/2013. $145,000

North Wildwood

500 E. 13th Ave. Unit 210, Edward Read, Susan Read, William Read to William Russell Wagner; 5/10/2013. $129,000

309 E. 24th Ave. Unit 200, Robert Schmidt to Michael Varlotta, Patricia Varlotta; 5/6/2013. $330,000

103 E. 24th Ave. Unit 200, Albert Catarro, Lynne Catarro to Frank Costa, James Camp; 5/7/2013. $198,000

220 E. 25 St. Unit 156, Thomas Kaps, Theresa Kaps to Patrick Carroll; 5/9/2013. $77,000

600 Kennedy Drive Unit 408, Michael O’Connor, Diane O’Connor to Todd Simon, Deborah Simon; 5/7/2013. $185,000

422 Fourth Ave. Unit 214, Kathy Reilly, Louise Leach, Nicholas Leach to Timothy McConnell, Kathleen McConnell; 5/7/2013. $152,000

300 Ocean Ave. Unit 206, Rachel McCormick to Joseph Sears; 5/8/2013. $80,000

1200 Ocean Ave. Unit 100, Thomas Kukoda, Eileen Kukoda to Gary Erny, Sharon Barnes; 5/10/2013. $345,000

310C Allen Drive, Kathleen Caltabiano to Craig White; 5/8/2013. $132,500

1504 Atlantic Ave. Unit 3, Stefania Perry, Stefania Trovarelli to Jennifer Verdicchio; 5/10/2013. $195,000

West Wildwood

650 W. Pine Ave., Andrew Rotman, Deborah Rotman to Stephen Drummond, Carol Drummond; 5/6/2013. $275,000

8 Mueller Ave., James Brophy to Stephen Gibson, Kathleen Gibson; 5/7/2013. $85,000


145 E. Andrews Ave. Unit 203, LE Living Trust, Jeanne Cutler Freedman to Harry Kennedy, Gail Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy-Brent ; 5/8/2013. $182,000

322 W. Tacony Road Unit C, Joseph Downey, Donna Hural to John O’Donnell, Pamela Schleigh; 5/8/2013. $235,000

129 E. Davis Ave., SLM Financial Corp. to Grace Razzi; 5/10/2013. $50,000

Wildwood Crest

415 E. Stockton Road, Joseph Colafrancesco to Michael Bibby, Maria Lazzaro; 5/7/2013. $336,750

125 E. Palm Road, Albert Stuart, Wayne Stuart, Karen Ambron, Ronna Henning to Robert Baker, Lisa Baker; 5/7/2013. $289,900

401 E. Stanton Road, Matthew McCarter, Christine McCarter to Russell Hatton, Shirley LeClerc; 5/8/2013. $335,000

109 E. Aster Road Unit 203, Walter Corter, Karen Therese Corter to Loretta Gazzara, Paul Gazzara; 5/9/2013. $240,000


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