Cape May

803 Cold Springs Ave., Emily Band, Bruce Band, William Band to Michael Pron, Honey Pron ; 2/27/2013. $335,000

Lower Township

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31 Delaware Ave., Linda Evans, Sally Veith Evans to Doyle Dowdell , Elizabeth Dowdell; 2/26/2013. $80,000

208 Fire Lane, Raymond Palm, Madeline Palm to William Fennimore; 2/27/2013. $190,000

9 Spruce Ave., Lori McNeely, Gary Mammucari, Connie Mammucari to Carol Magowan, Steven Magowan ; 2/27/2013. $88,000

Middle Township

12 Fox Run Road, Andrew Rosenberg, Laurie Cynkin Ellen, Susan Snyder Living Trust to Gabriel Berkey, Anne Mowrey; 2/26/2013. $265,000

401 Gibbs St., Jose Tejada, Sheila Tejada, Doris McMillan to Jocelyn Peyton Ann, Aaron Peyton; 2/26/2013. $140,000

315 Mechanic St., Harry Supple, Michael Supple, Virginia Hawkins to Anthony Robleto, Kathleen Kelly; 2/27/2013. $122,500

North Wildwood

211B W. Fourth Ave., Carole Toomey, Thomas Toomey to John Faber, Lorie Faber; 2/25/2013. $300,000

3713 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3713, SLM Financial Corp. to Robert Rivell, Joanne Rivell; 2/25/2013. $259,000

102 E. 21st Ave. No. 2, Wendy Smollock to Stephen Metzler, Mary Metzler; 2/27/2013. $265,000

414 E. 16th Ave. Unit 414A, Jeffrey Evans, Jennifer Evans to Anthony Bergandino, Patricia Bergandino; 2/28/2013. $310,000


519 W. Andrews Ave. Unit 101, Anthony Haughey, Angela Haughey to Richard Deaver, Renee Deaver; 2/26/2013. $205,000

304 W. Roberts Ave., Albert Brown, Joy Brown to David Axmann, Carmen Axmann, Douglas Axmann; 2/27/2013. $100,000

Wildwood Crest

442 W. Pine Ave., Jennie Leone to Timothy Chester, Diane Chester; 2/25/2013. $107,000

420-24 E. Louisville Ave. 303, Scott Fein, Debbie Fein to David Digirolamo, Grace Digirolamo; 2/25/2013. $270,000

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