Cape May

3 S. Lafayette St. 1st Floor, Jeffrey Pallies A, Karen Pallies L, Donald Pallies W to John Augustine L, Kristine Augustine L; 12/3/2012. $269,000

Lower Township

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142 Woodland Ave., Karen Corini and Kathryn Grossman to Joseph Imhof, Lori Imhof; 12/3/2012. $136,000

212 Ridgewood Ave., Claudio Pawlus to Andrea Zenglin J; 12/3/2012. $139,000

34 Englewood Road, John Minuto F, John Minuto F to Mary Minuto , Michael Meluskey J, Jennifer Meluskey S; 12/5/2012. $227,900

Middle Township

281 Route 47 S., Warren Bradway, Joseph Ritter J K, Edna Ritter M to William Bassett-Powell, Elizabeth Bassett-Powell; 12/3/2012. $75,000

9 Faith Run, Louis Mayer W, Joy Mayer L to Ricardo Enriquez , Ditas Enriquez ; 12/4/2012. $245,000

18 Hereford Ave., Jeffrey Ward S to John Blevins J, Susan Blevins C; 12/4/2012. $160,000

204 Linden Lane, John Myrden Faust, Joan Mc Gough Betty to C M&C Real Estate Investments LLC; 12/5/2012. $103,000

20 S. Fifth Ave., Sylvia Hewett H, John Hewett W to Joseph Freda G; 12/5/2012. $175,000

24 S. Fifth St., Rachel Vogel , Rachel Burke, Jerome Vogel to David Scott J, Maria Scott R; 12/5/2012. $219,000

413 W. Main St., Eric Arenberg to Thomas Lee ; 12/6/2012. $159,900

9 Woodbridge Drive, David Garofalo L, Pamela Garofalo to Judith Dziewit A; 12/6/2012. $165,000

192 Lee Lane, Ralph Stephens J, Patricia Stephens A to Rosemary Dougherty E, Florence Doyle D; 12/6/2012. $160,000

9 Birch Drive, Barbara Ridge , Elsie Duncan , Barbara Ridge A, Wesley Duncan L to Pamela Brannon L; 12/7/2012. $144,000

6 Eldredge Road, Alicia Arnold Mary, Mark Arnold Alan to Alicia Arnold Mary; 12/7/2012. $69,000

North Wildwood

324C Allen Drive, Thomas Eckel L, Eileen Eckel to Stuart Sharoff L, Roxane Sharoff; 12/3/2012. $165,000

113 W. Third Ave., Gerald Morris A, Morris Gerald A Revocable Trust, Judith Morris W, Judith W Morris Revocable Trust to ADAL LLC ; 12/3/2012. $242,000

644 W. Pine Ave Unit 6, Meghan Chandler E to William Chandler E, Mary Chandler E; 12/3/2012. $170,000

1107 New York Ave., Stanley Wilson F, Stanley F Wilson Revocable Living Trust, Barbara Wilson D to Michael Poncia S, Jacqueline Poncia A; 12/4/2012. $220,000

407 E. 19th Ave. Unit 200, Quinn De Rose, Stephanie De Rose to Stephen Niedzwiecki, Laura Niedzwiecki; 12/5/2012. $345,000

638 West Pine Ave Unit 201, William Moll E to Matthew Balke, Alyssa Balke; 12/5/2012. $229,000

1900 Surf Ave. Unit 1-6, Robert Marker J, Carol Marker L to Steven Sheets E, Tina Sheets M; 12/6/2012. $100,000

308 E. 19th Ave. Unit A, Thomas Smyth F, Barbara Smyth, Ray Martin, Patricia Martin, John Smyth J, Deborah Smyth, Thomas Smyth F, Rebecca Smyth, Sean Martin T, Donna Martin to John Brooks C, Melissa Brooks T; 12/7/2012. $330,000

West Cape May

719 Broadway, Robert Jackson E, Susan Jackson to Philip Orth, Margaret Orth Ann; 12/3/2012. $206,250

Sixth Avenue, Larry Bass W to Lawrence A Pray Builders Inc.; 12/5/2012. $175,000

Emerald Avenue, Irene Hober L, Irene L Hober Living Trust to Bruce Wheeler; 12/6/2012. $125,000


126 W. Taylor Ave., Ann Tucker Marie, Michael Minanno to Joyce Bolin A, Wendy Altland; 12/3/2012. $135,000

226 E. Roberts Ave., Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Lena Palladino; 12/4/2012. $135,000

103-105 W. Poplar Ave., Kondaur Capital Corp. to Jacek Bartha, Matthew Kelly; 12/5/2012. $125,000

208 W. Poplar Ave., Joseph Schwartz J, Janet Schwartz M, John Simoncini to Michael Gemberling; 12/6/2012. $75,000

408 W. Youngs Ave. Unit B, Michael Kelly P, Virginia Kelly S to Allan Root Russell, Lisa Root Anne; 12/6/2012. $145,000

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