Lower Township

209 Vermont Ave., N.J. Home Construction Inc. to Robert Moser, Sharon Moser; 3/11/2014. $99,900

Middle Township

Latest Video

413 Hand Ave. No. 8h, Patricia Fagan to Sherwood 8 LLC; 3/10/2014. $70,000

308 Bennett Road, Virginia Weed to Gunar Arenberg, Kaitlyn Arenberg; 3/10/2014. $106,000

203 Congressional Drive, Ronald Rose, Kim Rose to George Zitnay, Lorraine Zitnay; 3/11/2014. $289,000

429 Route 47 South and Bay Shore Road, Theresa Kohler, Catherine Schellinger, Larnie Cassedy, Kenneth Schellinger to Bayshore Stables LLC; 3/13/2014. $330,000

34 E. Pacific Ave., Louis William Mullins to Brad Messenger; 3/14/2014. $145,000

North Wildwood

215 Surf Ave. Unit 201, Stephen Greene, Katherine Greene to Ronald Gabriel, Margaret Mary Gabriel; 3/10/2014. $275,000

311 W. 16th Ave. Unit D, Marc Triglia to Erica Fulforth; 3/13/2014. $107,000

235 E. Second Ave. rear unit, Edwin Benson to John Walsh; 3/13/2014. $199,000

303 E. Marina Drive Unit 9a, Anthony Jon Wisdo, Jason Louis Wisdo, Francine Paczkoski, John Paczkoski to Donald Ringer, Elaine Ringer; 3/14/2014. $250,000


125 W. Glenwood Ave., Lynx Asset Services LLC to Rosemarie Urban; 3/10/2014. $147,000

141b E. Baker Ave., Jessica Lynne Miller, Jessica M. Pyryt, Thomas Miller to Frank Di Rosa, Sandra Di Rosa; 3/13/2014. $185,000

245 E. Leaming Ave. Unit No. 201, Richard Gehring, Stephanie Gehring to Salvatore Cirri, Stephanie Cirri; 3/13/2014. $280,000

Wildwood Crest

5600 Seaview Ave. Unit 31, Joseph Pardini, Frances Pardini to Scott Machuga, Denise Machuga; 3/10/2014. $70,000

130 E. Palm Road, Carla Carson, Carlo Musciano to 130 East Palm LLC; 3/10/2014. $325,000

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