Cape May

1203 New York Ave., Richard Gossett J., Joan Gossett to Ronald Vogel L., Eileen Vogel M.; 12/20/2012. $250,000

Lower Township

Latest Video

104 Ridgewood Ave., Wayne Harrison , Brenda Harrison , Brenda Harrison P. to Frank D’Ingianni ; 12/17/2012. $102,500

213 Clubhouse Drive, Heather McGill A., Heather Newman A. to Anne Brickley M.; 12/18/2012. $173,000

402 Oakdale Ave., Gary Draus E., Debbie Draus Lynn to Francis Burgess J., Valerie Burgess A.; 12/18/2012. $250,000

128 Iowa Ave., Claudio Pawlus , Fabio Pawlus to John Starrett M.; 12/18/2012. $93,000

9 Summer Circle, Dorothy Mueller R., Michael Mueller to Stephen Mueller J.; 12/19/2012. $300,000

31 Carolina Ave., Lawrence Meyers E., Deborah Meyers T. to It Union American Heritage Federal Credit ; 12/19/2012. $62,593

412 Beach Ave., Robert McGrath C. to Michael Murphy D., Eileen Murphy F.; 12/19/2012. $257,000

3500 Bay Drive, Julian Salomone James, J Salomone James to Michael Dash Roy, Terry Dash Ann; 12/20/2012. $236,000

314 Hollywood Ave., Barbara DiMedio A., Robert DiMedio A. to Michael Gillespie ; 12/20/2012. $152,500

32 Frances Ave., Patricia Dougherty, Ann Gipe Marie, Charles Dougherty to Charles Razzano F., Carol Razzano A.; 12/20/2012. $150,000

632 Seashore Road, Earl Billingham D., Carman Billingham N., Carmen Billingham N. to Eric Hansen A., Jenny Cook-Hansen Lynn; 12/20/2012. $325,000

4 Oakwood Ave., Laura McClernan A., Robert McClernan L., L. McClernan to William LaSalle J., Michele LaSalle ; 12/21/2012. $187,450

155 E. Delaware Parkway, Residential Credit Solutions to Edward Peterson L.; 12/22/2012. $54,900

Middle Township

6 Field Crest Lane, Rocco Cocchiola, Josephine Cocchiola to Robert Bongard J., Elizabeth Gaworski ; 12/19/2012. $249,000

9 Easy St., Stewart Hartman J., Janice Hartman L., Jan Hartman to Gary Mcaninch E., Nicoletta Mcaninch M.; 12/19/2012. $235,000

25 Cardinal Drive, Debra Hackett L., Charles Hackett G. to Louis Altobelli; 12/20/2012. $225,000

1608 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Barbara Hensel W.; 12/21/2012. $248,575

North Wildwood

1400 Surf Ave. Unit 102, Caroline Pellicano to James McGoldrick J., Kathleen Mcgoldrick M.; 12/18/2012. $165,000

600 Kennedy Blvd., Philip Schwinn, Karin Schwinn to Gregory Roshak A., Amy Roshak K. McCarte; 12/18/2012. $198,000

1500 Ocean Ave. 1502, Michael Rosen, Carol Bristow Lynn to James Sockel B., Susan Sockel L.; 12/19/2012. $265,000

1900 Boardwalk Unit 410, Joseph Voly J. to Jeffrey Arnold, Carol Mascioli A.; 12/19/2012. $149,900

1504 Atlantic Ave., Mark Gilmour B., France Gilmour to Darryl McCellan A., Linda McCellan P.; 12/19/2012. $158,000

1600 New York Ave., Edward Deni J., Catherine Deni E. to George Scheuermann Albert, Claire Scheuermann Rita; 12/19/2012. $250,000

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 404, Roman Holiday LP to David Romea J., Judith Romea A.; 12/20/2012. $140,500

311 E. 25th Ave. Unit 200, Michael Greene, Gena Greene to Vincent Notabartolo, Rosanne Notabartolo; 12/21/2012. $320,000

West Wildwood

515 W. Pine Ave., Patrick Casey, Cheryl Casey to Alice Nash; 12/18/2012. $180,000


222 E. Baker St. Unit C, Asset Management West LLC to Gary Villano T., Angela Melograno L.; 12/19/2012. $141,500

141 E. Davis, Cedar Villas Inc. to Elieser Echevarria, Geraldine Reed-Echevarria W., Geraldine Reed M.; 12/19/2012. $302,000

2706 Park Blvd., George Savino R., Jennifer Savino, George Savino to Erin Carney B.; 12/19/2012. $142,000

627 W. Montgomery Ave., Brian McGowan K. to John Zindel R., Lorraine Zindel J.; 12/19/2012. $224,000

308 W. Garfield Ave. Unit 200, SLM Financial Corp. to Joseph Gurcik A., Michelle Gurcik J., Pete Galantic; 12/19/2012. $193,000

138 E. Burke Ave. Unit A, John Campbell, Helen Muldowney M. to Nicholas Richards J., Joanne Richards M.; 12/20/2012. $240,000

320 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 203, Anthony DiPasquo, Micaela DiPasquo, Anthony DiPasquo, Micaela DiPasquo to Gerald Baker E., Frances Baker E.; 12/22/2012. $64,000

217-219 & 221 E. Burk Ave., 219 East Burk Avenue LLC to Alida Grimley Revoc. Robert John Grimley and Laurie Able Trust; 12/22/2012. $237,500

Wildwood Crest

230 W. Morning Glory Road, Peek LLC to Michael Clark C., Catherine Clark A.; 12/19/2012. $210,651

402 E. St. Paul Ave. Unit 202, Ricardo Rivera, Kathleen Decha, R. Rivera to Timothy Kelleher J., Joan Kelleher M.; 12/19/2012. $78,000

6501 Park Blvd., William Noce J. to Corinne Hewitt E., Janine George, James Hewitt; 12/20/2012. $345,000

317-19 E. St. Louis, Gregory Lacivita F., Debra Lacivita M., Mary Murphy Nell, Mary Lacivita Nell, Joseph Murphy, Joseph Murphy M. to Joseph Murphy, Mary Murphy Nell; 12/20/2012. $78,083


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