Cape May

1520 New Jersey Ave., Arleen Lynne, Bernard Harvey to Ronald Tupper, Kimberly Tupper; 12/11/2013. $225,000

11 Beach Ave Unit 313, Clark Slawecki, Kim Slawecki to Elizabeth Carver, Mary Jean Mains, Michael Mains; 12/12/2013. $335,000

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Cape May Point

302 Brainard Ave., John Ianneillo, Sheila Kress to Anthony Miller, Kathleen Miller; 12/12/2013. $300,000

Lower Township

116 Cedardale Ave., Francis Eagin to Charles Hobbs, Elizabeth Hobbs; 12/10/2013. $155,000

931 Fay Ave., Gondolier Real Estate Holdings LLC to Armando Beteta-Vasquez; 12/11/2013. $235,000

9901 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 510, Lee’s Place LLC to Ann Marie Fitzpatrick; 12/12/2013. $295,000

926 Eldredge Ave., Robert Richman, Jessie Richman to Robert Richman, Lynne Richman; 12/12/2013. $125,000

54 Cape Woods Road, George Verile, Nathaniel Moore to Kathryn Torpey; 12/12/2013. $250,000

716 Eldredge Ave., Ellen Filer, Ellen Filer, Edwin Filer to William Fortmann, Jacqueline Fortmann; 12/13/2013. $220,000

7 W. Florida Ave., Natale Raimondo, Joan Troiano to Barry Thomas; 12/13/2013. $154,500

Middle Township

302 Clubhouse Drive, Peter Dabulewicz to Jbren Development LLC; 12/9/2013. $100,000

1106 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Barbara Ruditis; 12/10/2013. $211,064

2207 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Gregory McCloskey, Pauline McCloskey; 12/10/2013. $247,915

15 Laurel Ave., Daniel Hucklebridge, Christine Hucklebridge to John Jones, Elizabeth Jones; 12/11/2013. $210,000

51 Siegtown Road, Dolores Girard to Christopher Haas; 12/11/2013. $182,000

468 Dias Creek Road, James Scavo, Robert Heaton, Amy Scavo to Erasto Caraballo, Ramona Caraballo; 12/11/2013. $205,000

North Wildwood

1307 New York Ave., Michael Dowling to Daniel Collins, Bridget Collins; 12/9/2013. $177,500

1309 Ocean Ave. Unit 111, Frank Howley, Judy Howley to Francis Green, Karen Green; 12/10/2013. $180,000

309 E. 20th Ave. No. 301 Unit 4, Tia Realty LLC to Thomas Wild, Lori Wild; 12/10/2013. $189,000

1900 Boardwalk Unit 110, Maureen Nigro, Owen O’Donnell, Patricia O’Donnell to Jeffry Duggan, Susanna Duggan; 12/10/2013. $310,000

435 E. 17th Ave. Unit 7, Kathryn Di Cesare, John Derro to Robert Krupak, Donna Kelly; 12/10/2013. $187,000

207 E. 16th Ave. No. 200, Joseph Rymal, Carol Rymal to Dennis Elmer, Lisa Elmer; 12/11/2013. $253,000

106 W. 20th Ave., Eugene Rambler to Christian Cervellero, Marci Cervellero; 12/11/2013. $239,000

West Cape May

309 Third Ave., Jeffrey Buell, Christine Buell to Joanne Traetto; 12/12/2013. $317,500

West Wildwood

654 W. Glenwood Ave., Francis Lord, Linda Jane Dunn, Florence Lord to Michael Wuko, Karen Wuko; 12/9/2013. $200,000

605 W. Poplar Ave., John Chesney, Beth Chesney to John Overpeck, Jean Overpeck; 12/10/2013. $52,100


126 E. Hildreth Ave., Frederick Rach, Joann Rach to Raymond Evers; 12/10/2013. $265,000

17 Hall Ave., Gary Errickson, Sandra Errickson to GHDB LLC ; 12/12/2013. $150,000

617 W. Burk Ave., Louise Falconi to John Hall, Helen Hall; 12/13/2013. $265,000

Wildwood Crest

411 E. Morning Glory Road, Giovanni Sanzone, Sandy Sanzone to Gerald Saulino; 12/13/2013. $310,000

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