Lower Township

1311 West Avenue Unit A, Russell Bono , Noreen Bono , William Bono , Anne Bono Marie, Russell Bono M, William Bono J to Gerald Palermo , Jennifer Palermo ; 2/10/2014. $90,000

9 Hazelwood Ave., Jo Ann Thweatt , Frederic Doll R to rsbd Llc ; 2/11/2014. $70,000

234 E Atlantic Ave., Evelyn Mc Carty , Kellie Mc Carty Ann, James Mc Carty to gt Renovation L L P ; 2/11/2014. $55,000

506 Robin Road, Judy On The Cape LLC to 506 Robin LLC; 2/13/2014. $150,000

Middle Township

1705 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Marshall Bernstein L, Joan Bernstein M; 2/12/2014. $237,525

1701 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to James Holt E, Rosanne Holt K; 2/12/2014. $265,633

2101 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Chester O'Neill , Susan O'Neill ; 2/13/2014. $259,417

1703 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Joseph Crowley G, Carole Crowley A; 2/13/2014. $223,930

2105 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Barbara Gevaudan A; 2/13/2014. $224,145

1707 Tidewater Ave., nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Arlene Macdonald H; 2/13/2014. $277,580

North Wildwood

1100 New Jersey Ave Unit 206, Michael Ercolani P, Dawn Ercolani M to Stephen Beatrice , Kathleen Beatrice ; 2/11/2014. $132,000

150b Allen Drive, Daniel Fishman A to William Carrigan , Irene Carrigan ; 2/11/2014. $87,900

328 E 8th Ave., Barbara Minchella A, Karen Robinson E, William Minchella H to John Ayres P; 2/13/2014. $293,000

500 Kennedy Blvd Unit 411, James Mcfadden P, Barbara Mcfadden A to Lillian Corcoran M; 2/14/2014. $134,000

West Cape May

290 Sixth Ave., Veronica Miller E to Rosemary Mc Kee ; 2/11/2014. $200,000


312 W Montgomery Ave., Maria Lovell , Edmond Lovell J to dock St Seafood Inc ; 2/12/2014. $155,000

429 West Leaming Avenue No. 603, Edward Fox T, Maria Fox A to Maree Mitchell ; 2/13/2014. $243,000

Wildwood Crest

8705 New Jersey Ave Unit 4, Steven Mc Corry M, Dana Mc Corry C to Ariel Fein B, Carolyn Mc Cullough ; 2/10/2014. $235,000

7100 Ocean Ave Unit 705, P Jakofcich John, D Jakofcich Donna to Warren Edwards , Annette Edwards C; 2/13/2014. $270,000

5511 Pacific Ave Unit 103, Sidney Levinson H, Ust Sidney H Levinson Revocable Tr , Ust Levinson Sidney H Revocable Tr to gullcrest Associates Llc ; 2/13/2014. $114,262

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