Lower Township

956 Shirley Ave., Linda Loughlin-Nash, Robert Losick to Matthew McKeown R; 11/5/2012. $317,000

601 Wilson Ave., Andrew Scholl G, Lynda Van Dalen-Scholl to Glenn Haviland, Cynthia Haviland N; 11/7/2012. $132,000

272 Birch Road, Scott Novick E, Sandra Novick G to John Bilodeau R, Elizabeth Bilodeau H; 11/8/2012. $172,000

717 Indian Ave., Margaret Coston, James Burrows N to Leon Miedowicz; 11/8/2012. $140,000

214 S. Station Ave., Judith Valle A to Dominick Facciolo M, Kimberly Facciolo Eline; 11/8/2012. $169,500

Middle Township

6 Willow Drive, Thomas Raniszewski A to David Pantalone; 11/3/2012. $141,110

106 Aberdeen Way, John Lare P, John Lare P, Deborah Lare Lee to James Ryan L, Margaret Ryan M, Margaret Troutman M; 11/3/2012. $230,000

9 N. Sixth St., Joseph Neglia, Lisa Neglia to Edward Buero A, Pamela Buero Jo; 11/5/2012. $290,000

450 Shunpike Road, Arnold Shell, Sherye Chase-Pearson to Louis Altobelli H; 11/5/2012. $90,000

206 Stagecoach Rd Unit 1502, John Natalini C, Dale Natalini A to Jessica Driver; 11/7/2012. $66,000

103 E. Pacific Ave., James Wagner, Elizabeth Wagner, Chris Ruth to Daniel Drumm J, Janet Drumm Gail, Deanna Drumm; 11/7/2012. $162,500

518 Route 9 North, Sixto Lirio M, Estrella Lirio J to Cape May County; 11/8/2012. $275,000

121 Lee Lane, Charles Songster E, Charles Jairdullo V to John Walters M; 11/8/2012. $143,700

301 Stagecoach Road, Gregory Lanza A, Donna Lanza L to David Farley E, Susan Farley O; 11/9/2012. $255,000

West Cape May

323 Fifth Ave., Dwight Coleman V to Brady Bonner M, Amy Bonner L; 11/7/2012. $200,000

605 W. Poplar Ave., Wells Fargo Bank NA to Inc J &J Real Estate Development; 11/7/2012. $70,000

West Wildwood

503 W. Poplar Ave., DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc, Selene Finance Lp to Patrick Keenan, Maryanne Keenan; 11/8/2012. $345,000


415 W. Cedar Ave. F, 415 West Cedar Avenue LLC to Suzanne Barrett G, William Barrett; 11/3/2012. $113,022

308 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 303, Russell Carmody J, Jilma Carmody, Russell Carmody to Wesley Rohe A; 11/5/2012. $63,000

330 W. Glenwood Ave., Carol Stefankiewicz, John Stefankiewicz to Craig Thistlewood, Lynn Thistlewood; 11/5/2012. $75,000

323 W. Garfield Ave., Roger Lillo, Diane Lillo, Diana Lillo L to Dawn Byrd M, Charles Byrd E; 11/7/2012. $275,000

5215 Atlantic Ave Unit C, Lance Bachmann to Landf Llc ; 11/9/2012. $224,000

Wildwood Crest

404 E Denver Ave Unit 420, Roger McMillin P to Angelo Giannotta, Susan Giannotta, Cosimo Giannotta, Rosemary Giannotta; 11/9/2012. $177,000

218 E Hollywood Ave, Dolores Tursi to Michael McGinn, Deborah McGinn; 11/9/2012. $300,000

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