Lower Township

725 Seashore Road, William Morrow C, Kay Morrow B and Patricia Piacentine to Michael Sorensen J and Elisa Sorensen M; 7/31/2012. $275,000

602 Leaming Ave., Lorraine Appiott and Ambrose Appiott N to Charles Rowe Lewis; 7/31/2012. $210,000

9 Fairview Road, Mary Romero Diane, Diane Romero, Anna Savidge , Ernest Savidge to Charles Hance ; 8/2/2012. $190,000

21 Schellinger Ave., Francis Emig , Francine Moore to Michael Panamarenko P, Katie Panamarenko C; 8/2/2012. $138,000

714 Pacific Ave., Michael Moore A, Kathleen Moore M to James Hartbauer F, Melody Hartbauer L, Etta Timmons Mae; 8/2/2012. $330,000

103 Woodland Ave., Ronald Cason , Beatrice Cason to David Grau L, Jocelyn Grau K; 8/2/2012. $199,000

Middle Township

9 S. Fifth St., Bryn Mawr Trust Co to Claudio Pawlus ; 7/31/2012. $75,000

12 Rabbit Run, John Young, Diane Young and Deanna Lillemon to Gary Osmundsen ; 7/31/2012. $120,000

135 Indian Trail, Joseph O’Brien P to Robert Marano M; 7/31/2012. $145,000

1 Kimble Ave., Robert Mullin J, Jane Mullin C to Jay Brad R, Margaret Brad E; 8/1/2012. $285,000

22 N. Sixth St., Tompkins Builders , Stephen Tompkins V, Robert Tompkins V to Christopher Chin; 8/2/2012. $259,900.00

1226 Golf Club Road, Paul Zavocky , George Tatem S, Elizabeth Tatem M to Anthony Calabrese , Patricia Calabrese; 8/3/2012. $130,000

1202 West Blvd., Michael Tarquinio A to Ceyda Soylemez ; 8/3/2012. $135,000

North Wildwood

1108 New Jersey Ave. Unit 101, Keystone Asset Management to Michael Cullen and Janet Cullen ; 7/30/2012. $72,900

600 Kennedy Drive Unit 308, Jeffrey Vreeland, Carmela Vreeland, James Gallagher, Angie Gallagher, Thomas Marino and Gail Marino to Scott Ianelli and Karen Ianelli M; 7/30/2012. $190,000

1100 New Jersey Ave. Unit 103, Belinda Dodson , Brenda McNamee M to Anthony Gatto, Susan Gatto E; 8/2/2012. $130,000

138a West Pine Ave., Mark Trottnow, Albert H Trottnow Jr Trust, Mary Lou Trottnow Trust to Mark Trottnow , Albert H Trottnow Jr. Trust , Mary Lou Trottnow Trust, Mary Lou Trottnow, Trottnow Albert H Jr. Trust ; 8/2/2012. $180,000


522 W. Burk Ave., Vincent Kelly T, Jane Kelly M to Richard Jones B, Jessica Jones F; 8/1/2012. $230,000

431 W. Montgomery Ave Unit F, Joanne Rivell R, Caterina Romeo to Brian Campbell J, Megan Campbell K, Michael Oreskovich E, Lauren Oreskovich A; 8/2/2012. $220,000

307 E. Pine Ave Unit 2B, Robert Boyer A, Patricia Boyer A to Gerald Malloy B; 8/2/2012. $248,000

5301 Hudson Ave., Nicole Sosalski to Christopher Sabatino , Cathleen Sabatino ; 8/3/2012. $100,000

Wildwood Crest

110 E. Charleston Ave., Helen Farrell, Richard Redline and Richard Redline to Jeanette Valvo ; 8/2/2012. $325,000

401 E. Topeka Ave., M Investments LLC to David De Augustine and Michele De Augustine; 8/2/2012. $300,000

225 W. Lavender Road, Mark Gibson, Roy Gibson, Christine Flounders and Angeline Schoch to Ray Masters and Pamela Masters; 8/3/2012. $230,000